Sutherland Shire's creeks and wetlands are home to endangered ecological communities. Some vegetated areas near waterways, known as riparian corridors, have been cleared and developed since European settlement, and now suffer from erosion, weed infestation and pollution.

Creek rehabilitation

Council has assessed the ecological health, geomorphic stability and water quality of nearly 250kms of urban creeks. The assessment found those in the western half of Sutherland Shire are in better condition than those in the east.

We have developed a plan for the rehabilitation of individual creeks, incorporating a triage approach where creeks of high ecological value are prioritised over those of lower ecological value.

Our waterways rehabilitation program involves weed removal, native planting and landscaping within the waterways and their corridors.

Watercourse conditions in Sutherland Shire

Figure 13 Watercourse condition across LGA under creek rehab

In 2011, Council engaged environmental consultants Applied Ecology Pty Ltd to assess the condition of our freshwater waterways, including natural streams and man-made channels. (Waterways within the Royal National Park were excluded).

This report appears below.

Overview of Sutherland Shire Watercourse Assessment & Rehabilitation Prioritisation Study
Volume 2 - Botany Bay Catchment Profile
Volume 2 - Georges River Catchment Profile
Volume 2 - Hacking River Catchment Profile
Volume 2 - Pacific Ocean Catchment Profile
Volume 2 - Port Hacking Catchment Profile
Volume 2 - Woronora River Catchment Profile

2020 Forbes Creek Stage 2 rehabilitation planting

Wetlands Management

Wetlands and creeks are complex ecosystems requiring detailed assessment and careful management. Council has prepared management plans for the following significant wetlands:

Burnum Burnum Wetland Management Plan
Burnum Burnum Wetland Management Plan Appendix E
Marton Park Wetland Management Plan
Still Creek Wetland Management Plan

Waterways health monitoring

We also monitor the water quality in our waterways to identify short- and long-term changes to their ecological health in response to pollution events, catchment changes or environmental improvement works.

Waterway condition is reported annually.