Informal bike jumps and play equipment

A number of bike jumps and tracks in Council parks and reserves have been built informally by community members. Council has resolved to support ad hoc active play and bicycle recreation, including unauthorised bike jump and track construction. Some rules are in place to ensure our community remains safe.

Some bike jumps and tracks pose little risk to the public and create minimal environmental impact. Other jumps and tracks are extensive, can be dangerous and result in significant damage to the environment. We assess all known bike jumps for public safety risk and environmental damage.

Play items such as tree swings, trampolines and flying foxes can create an unacceptable public safety risk to park users. Unauthorised play equipment will be removed.

Report anti-social behaviour or illegal activity to NSW Police CrimeStoppers.

informal bike jump in local park

Frequently asked questions

From time to time we get tree swings, trampolines, flying foxes and other play equipment placed in our parks and reserves by members of the community.  This play equipment may be old, home-made or not installed properly.

Council officers have sought legal advice which has confirmed that informal swings represent an unacceptable level of public risk. Therefore, to prevent injury to the public, any unauthorised play equipment will be removed.

Our parks and reserves are for everyone to enjoy. Holes and jumps can create safety hazards. Trees have been cut down in reserves, and branches broken to create jumps and tracks. Bike jump tracks have also caused erosion to grassed areas.

Construction of bike tracks can damage bushland. Our bushland contains endangered ecological communities and threatened species.

Some areas where jumps and tracks have been created contain areas of Aboriginal heritage. It’s important that we protect these areas.

  • Keep bike jumps and tracks out of bushland.
  • Do not cut down trees.
  • Do not pile dirt against trees or dig holes around tree roots as this can affect tree health.
  • Don’t dig holes in pedestrian walkways or thoroughfares.
  • Don't use materials like pallets, ramps, tarpaulins, carpet and mattresses.
  • Take your rubbish with you! Littering may result in the removal of bike jumps at a location.
  • Don’t leave shovels, wheelbarrows and other tools in reserves.

  • Damage to endangered ecological communities, threatened species or environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Extensive damage to native vegetation.
  • Damage to Bushcare sites.
  • Damage to sporting facilities.
  • Damage to Aboriginal heritage areas.
  • Serious erosion issues.
  • Position in an unsuitable location with safety concerns for other users. For example, where jumps and tracks are created near playgrounds for young children or pedestrian thoroughfares.

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