You must submit a filming and photography application form to us no less than:

  • 4 working days in advance for ultra-low impact filming
  • 7 working days in advance for low to medium-impact filming
  • 11 weeks in advance for high-impact filming, to ensure traffic management is in place.

Please attach a brief outline of the shoot details, the nature of your activity, details of parking and essential vehicles on-site, safety requirements, road closures and temporary structures.

Application requirements

Provide the following information within your brief where it is applicable:

  • Location map
  • Community notification letter
  • Authorised safety plan
  • Environmental management plan
  • Traffic management plan.

We will assess your application based on its impact, scope and location, inform the relevant Council departments and advise you of our decision.


We will discuss any fees and charges associated with the filming prior to approval. Depending on the impact, you may be required to pay a bond.

External approvals and notifications of authorities

We can only issue permission to film on Council-owned land. Production companies must notify - and seek approval from - other relevant authorities prior to filming.

To confirm who has jurisdiction over the location you wish to film

Contact us

Business and Community Team