Polly Staniford of Aquarius Films Producer of The Other Guy

‘I’ve never shot down here so I’ve just been really surprised by the locations really. I didn’t know this existed so close to the city. It’s been really easy to work with the local council in securing the locations and it’s just a really beautiful part of the world. So we are really happy to be here.’

Jodi Matterson, Producer of Eddie Wong Films Pty Ltd for Little Monsters

‘They have fantastic stretches of roads where you can control really dramatic cliff faces, you know beach locations you know water locations suburban locations so it’s a very, very versatile area and generally what we’ve found too is that people are very happy to have us here in the Shire as far as the local community and that always makes a huge difference.’

Ciaran Jordan, Producer of Can’t Be Stopped Productions for Straywatch

From the shops being close to catering facilities to food that we may need, to a Bunnings store that I might need props, to the Council in general coming down here to support us, checking on us, communicating now - I even got a call on a Sunday to make sure I was happy, what other council does that?’

Minnie Cummins, Date Producer of Warner Bros for The Bachelorette

‘After experiencing everything to do with the Sutherland Shire and how we film here we would definitely come back again, because it has been so easy, it’s so beautiful and even the homeowners are lovely. So it makes my job easier which means I will always put Sutherland Shire Council first when it comes to filming.’

Holly Almond from The Bake Off filming at Camellia Gardens

Holly wanted to say a massive thank you to the team for organising and coordinating – the filming team said, 

'The team at the Gardens were awesome on the day too!’

Hannah Sidoti of Brightworks

Hanna emailed to say everything went brilliantly. ‘

'Thank you to your team and the Lifeguards for all of their assistance.’

Kimberlee Kessler of Wildfire Publishing

Kimberlee thanked Council for all our help.

Everything went well, the weather was clear and beautiful, just a little chilly!'

Sarah Adamson

Sarah thanked Council for all our help! Said the shoot went well and it looked amazing on the Sand Dunes.

Roger of Scoundrel Films

Roger reported that all filming went really well. The producers loved the location and loved the help that Council offered.

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