Sutherland Shire boasts more than 20,000 hectares of public open space,

Our core objective is to respond to the recreation needs of our community and to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities.

Our planning for the future includes an Open Space Strategy and Implementation Plan and a Play Strategy and Implementation Plan, which are supported by our Masterplans and Plans of Management.

Open Space Strategy

The Open Space Strategy - PDF - 13559 KB and Implementation Plan outlines the key outcomes which will contribute to enhancing active lives in the parks and bushland we manage. The strategy focuses on:

  • open spaces, now and into the future
  • providing open space for everyone
  • ensuring we get the best value for our open space
  • protecting our environment and heritage.

Play Strategy

The Play Strategy - PDF - 12507 KB and Implementation Plan aims to ensure everyone has the opportunity to play in our unique and valued open spaces.

Our vision is for play spaces that are welcoming, diverse and fun.

Our principles are inclusion, collaboration, quality, diversity, equity and safety.

We want our play spaces to be accessible to everyone. Our diverse play opportunities will include nature play spaces, playgrounds to suit different needs and abilities, skate parks, informal sport courts, walking circuits and fitness equipment. The strategy focuses on:

  • play spaces now and into the future
  • providing play for everyone
  • getting the best value from our play facilities.