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Don’t get left behind in business. Learn from the best.

Tickets: $84.90 Standard | $44.90 Student/Concession  (All tickets include dinner)

Amanda Johnstone – one of Australia's most globally acknowledged AI technologists and technology communicators:

  • Get an expert's view on the latest in Artificial Intelligence, its impact and business benefits.
  • Discover how your business can grow from the latest trends and predictions in technology.
  • Learn how to enhance your business’s productivity and customer engagement.

Anthony Laye - as a behavioural expert, Anthony has an exceptional ability to understand how we think and behave. Learn the secrets to reading people and influencing their thoughts and choices. Anthony empowers not only you personally, but your team, with the tools for success.

  • For communicators who need to understand and be understood.
  • For leaders who need to increase their awareness within their executive team.
  • For sales & customer service professionals who want to create deeper connections and experiences.
  • For teams who are experiencing disconnection, conflict and miscommunication.

Jade and Blake Spooner - Join us for an exclusive interview with Jade Spooner, led by her brother Blake. Jade left Google to start Equalution, a personalised nutrition plan company that became an 8-figure business and made the Forbes 30 Under 30!

  • Learn steps to turn your passion into profit with proven strategies.
  • Discover how to stand out in your industry.
  • Get tips on overcoming business challenges.
  • Scalable Growth: Understand how to build a thriving business.

Gain actionable insights from Jade's journey to boost your own business success!

Jayne Azzopardi - Jayne is our host for the evening. Currently the co-host of Nine Network's Weekend Today, Jayne brings her extensive experience and engaging presence.

Don't miss the chance to transform both your personal and business growth.

Disabled access and parking is available at this event.

This is the Business Summit image showing the Pavilion Performing Arts Centre in the background. It highlights headshots of the presenters, being, Amanda Johnstone, female with mid length blonde hair. Anthony Laye, a smiling professional looking man with short back and side hairstyle and wearing a business suite. Jade Spooner looks like a young professional with a high pony, no fringe. Blake Spooner is wearing a suit. Jayne Azzopardi has wavy brunette hair cut just above her shoulders. All presenters are smiling.

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