Strategic Water Monitoring Program - SWaMP

To improve the cleanliness, health, and biodiversity of the Shire’s waterways, we monitor the health of our catchments with our Strategic Water Monitoring Program (SWaMP).

The monitoring program tests water quality in different locations and rates the quality from 'Poor' to 'Excellent' and has two main components:

  • Physical and chemical monitoring
  • Biological monitoring

Physical and chemical monitoring

Every month we measures the health of our waterways by comparing the levels of specific physical and chemical contaminants to levels found in healthy waterways.

Biological monitoring

Our Aquatic Ecologist collects and identifies freshwater waterbugs (also called macroinvertebrates) from each test site.

Including freshwater macroinvertebrates (waterbugs) in the analysis is an additional indicator of stream health.

Waterbugs are pollution-sensitive animals found in almost all water bodies. Their presence and condition are good indicators of water quality.

Adversaechna Brevistyla Adversaechna Brevistyla
Red dragonfly Libellulidae Diplacodes Haematodes
Laccotrephes Tristis Laccotrephes Tristis

SWaMP Report Cards

We produce annual reports, based on the sample results.

Report an environmental issue

You can help keep our waterways clean by reporting pollution.

Report a water pollution issue