Playgrounds are for everyone and our vision is to create spaces that are welcoming, diverse and fun.

Our playgrounds range from small local playgrounds for a quick turn on the swings, to larger regional parks with facilities and equipment for kids of all ages.

Council has a Play Strategy that considers the future of our play spaces, including nature play, skate parks, informal sport courts, walking and bike circuits, fitness equipment and playgrounds to suit different needs and abilities.

Each year we upgrade the playgrounds most in need of attention under our Playground Renewal Program.

Local (small)


District (medium)


Regional (large) playgrounds:

  • Cater to local residents
  • Cater to residents from the general district
  • Regional or "Destination" playgrounds are designed for longer visits
  • Typically include a small bike track, play equipment for a specific age group, swings, seating, a rubbish bin and a bubbler
  • Typically include multiple pieces of equipment for several age groups
  • Typically include multiple pieces of equipment for different ages and abilities, and may include water play, flying fox, bike track and outdoor gym
  • Facilities may include shade structures and trees, a bike track, seating, picnic tables and shelter, and car parking
  • Facilities may include shade structures and trees, a bike track, seating, picnic tables and shelter, and car parking
  • Facilities may include shade structures and trees, covered barbecues, picnic settings, toilets, lighting and car parking
  • The softfall (surface) may be sand, play bark or synthetic
  • The softfall (surface) may be sand, play bark or synthetic
  • The softfall (surface) is typically synthetic rubber or turf

We have more than 140 playgrounds and six skate facilities across Sutherland Shire. You are likely to find a playground within a ten-minute walk (around 800m) of your home.

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  • The most effective safety measure is to actively supervise your child at play.
    • Choose activities and equipment that suit your child’s ability.
  • Stay close to your child, especially when they are trying something new or complicated. This gives them the confidence to develop movement and social skills, and keeps them safe.

We are actively improving the accessibility of our parks and playgrounds. This includes more inclusive play equipment and more accessible connections to - and between - facilities.

The playground at Burnum Burnum Sanctuary was upgraded in 2021 and features an accessible carousel, in-ground trampolines, level paths and softfall synthetic grass impact absorbing foam.

Cassandra Crescent Reserve focuses on all-abilities play.  The play equipment includes a ramp to the upper deck so less mobile children can join in the play.  Synthetic grass pathways through the play area provide better access for wheelchairs, while pram ramps and new paths at the entrance provide all-abilities access to the entire reserve.

The playground at Salmon Haul Bay in Cronulla includes synthetic turf, a wheelchair-accessible carousel, basket swing, sensory and imaginative play, accessible connections to picnic tables and a disabled access toilet.

Parc Menai near Menai Marketplace has ample parking and the playground includes a boundary fence and an accessible carousel.

Shelly Park is great for younger children. It has a large grassed area, barbecues, a fenced playground with a liberty swing and accessible walkways throughout the park.

Old School Park in Gymea includes both synthetic and bark mulch softfall, in-ground accessible trampolines and raised activity panels.

In general, playgrounds cater for children aged two-12. We try to provide a variety of graded challenges at each playground, rather than specific, age-appropriate equipment.

However, some equipment can be considered age-appropriate, such as spring rockers for younger children and climbing nets and flying foxes for older children.

We actively plan to provide youth-focused spaces for people aged 13-20.

These include skate parks, outdoor basketball courts, gyms, and “hang-out” spaces, that provide both active recreation and social gathering.

A Master Plan is currently being developed for an Active Sports Youth Precinct at Seymour Shaw, Miranda. This will include a skate park and sports facilities. We are also considering a half basketball court, parkour zone and fitness equipment.

We are also planning another precinct in Engadine and are considering a skate park, half basketball court and parkour zone.

Jenola Park Playing Fields is getting an upgrade to become a multi-purpose reserve.

There are more youth-oriented facilities in the works, so watch this space!

Find a playground, skate park, outdoor basketball court or outdoor fitness equipment.

Shade comes in many forms, including natural shade from trees, playground roof structures, shade from adjacent buildings, and built shade such as pavilions and shade sails.

Our service level standards are:

LocalDistrictRegionalCommunity buildingsYouth play
Natural shade where available to key play space and central seating areasShade to the key play space and central seating areasShade to the majority of the play space and central seating areasShade provided within the building alongside the outdoor play spaceShade to key activity zones and central seating areas

We encourage everyone visiting our parks and reserves to be sun-safe and reduce their UV exposure.

Softfall refers to the material installed beneath playground equipment to absorb impact and prevent injuries.

We use play bark and play sand at most of our local playgrounds. These materials are highly effective, environmentally friendly, economical, and easy to maintain. We also use play bark in areas that are prone to sun exposure.

For our regional and district playgrounds, we use synthetic softfall or a mix of synthetic and natural materials.

Financial constraints prevent us from constructing public toilets at every park or playground. We focus on providing public amenities at our regional and district parks.

The National Public Toilet Map provides information on more than 19,000 amenities across Australia, including accessibility ratings, opening hours and facilities, such as showers and baby change areas.

Our picnic shelters and barbecues are available for everyone to enjoy and can’t be booked.  Access is on a first come, first served basis.

Everything you need to know about holding an outdoor birthday party in one of parks and reserves, pool parties or booking a hall.

For events of more than 100 people or for a wedding, head to our Planning an event page.

Fencing is provided for playgrounds immediately adjacent to busy roads, car parks, permanent water bodies and other hazards.

No. Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 - Section 14, dogs are not permitted within 10 metres of playgrounds or play equipment, even if on a leash. Rangers may issue on-the-spot fines for infringements of these regulations.

Dogs in public places must be under the control of a competent person.

If you have concerns about dogs at playgrounds, please contact Council.

Our Dog Parks page provides information about where you can and cannot take your dog.

We inspect all our playgrounds quarterly and carry out maintenance when required. Each year, we assess all playgrounds and prioritise those most in need of upgrade or renewal.

We receive many requests for the renewal of equipment but it’s not financially possible to renew them all, so we prioritise based on age, condition, functionality and play value.

You can see a full list of current playground renewals here.

Some Council car parks may be locked out of hours, please check signage in the car park for the best number to call if your car is locked in, or contact Council on  02 9710 0333.

If you have concerns about the maintenance of a playground or identify a safety issue, please contact Council.