Line marking on sports field

Sports clubs are responsible for line marking fields in preparation for competition. Clubs can use only substances that will not harm users or damage turf.

✔️ Use a water based non-toxic line marking paint.

❌ Herbicides such as Roundup/Basta and other hazardous products, including diesel, are prohibited.

The use of prohibited products can create ruts, form draining, dust, and trip hazards. The cost to reinstate sports field will be charged to the club if prohibited substances are used.

Do not use sump oil, creosote, diesel, kerosene or similar products to mark lines by killing grass. The practice of using these liquids is not considered as per Environment Protection Act 1997. Eliminating this practice is consistent with EPZ, APVMA and federal requirements.

Tips for safe line marking

  • Review your club’s processes for line marking to ensure you're using water based non-toxic line marking paint.
  • Review the product’s safety data sheet before purchasing or using any product for line marking. Check products are non-toxic, non-alkaline, non-hazardous and environmentally safe.
  • Use the right equipment for the job. Equipment specifically designed for marking and spraying activities, including applicators, helps prevent chemical spills and poisoning, reduces manual task injuries and produces a better finish.
  • Check equipment before use and follow operating instructions.
  • Avoid line-marking in the middle of the day in summer.
  • Mark lines according to the requirements of your sporting code.
  • On turf athletics tracks an approved turf growth regulator may be used with line marking paint following Council approval.
  • Be considerate of Workplace Health and Safety requirements and wear protective clothing.

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