Plant a tree in memory of a loved one through our memorial tree planting program. This can be a meaningful legacy for a beloved friend or family member.

Child planting memorial tree
memorial tree planted along coastline

We recently lost my husband's parents to cancer and they are laid to rest overseas. We decided to plant a memorial tree in their honour, in our favourite local park, to give our family a happy place to visit and remember them.
We often take the kids to the park, visit the grandparent's tree and retell stories of how loving and caring they were and how much they would have loved the park. It gives us a place to connect with them, even though they are so far away.

We are here to help. Contact us if you have questions about the program not answered on this page. If you're ready to apply to plant your family's living legacy, complete our online application.

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Frequently asked questions about memorial trees

Memorial trees can be planted in most parks and reserves. Trees cannot be planted along the Bate Bay foreshore due to a history of tree vandalism in this area. Bate Bay foreshore reserves include Don Lucas Reserve, Dunningham Park, Cronulla Park, Shelly Park and Oak Park. We can suggest other parks and reserves with beautiful water views and space for family gatherings.

To ensure the health of your tree, our memorial tree program runs from March to September, in the cooler months. Memorial trees can be planted any day of the week with advance notice, up to 10.30 am. We work with you to choose the day that suits you best.

Saturdays incur an additional charge due to the increased rate of pay for the landscape contractor.

We will provide you with a choice of tree species indigenous to Sutherland Shire. Your tree will be sourced locally from our Community Nursery in Gymea.

To reduce the cost to those using this program, Council does not provide maintenance. You are welcome to visit your tree and water it during periods of low rainfall.

You are welcome to hold a small ceremony during the planting. Our landscape contractor will plant the tree for you, ensuring this is done safely and to regulations. If you would like a longer ceremony, with more people, we ask that you hold this after your tree has been planted.

Contact us regarding scattering or planting of ashes at the ceremony.

We will provide a Memorial Tree Certificate following the planting ceremony. The certificate includes the name of the person being commemorated, the date the tree was planted, tree species, the name of the park or reserve and GPS location.

We also register your memorial tree in our asset system.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer memorial seats or plaques. These features have a short asset life and are sadly prone to vandalism.  Private plaques may not be installed with your memorial tree.

The scattering of a loved one's ashes is permissible providing this is done discreetly, taking into account the presence of onlookers and the prevailing wind conditions.

The cost of a memorial tree for the 23/24 financial year is $715 (inc. GST) for weekday planting and an additional $195 (inc. GST) for planting on Saturday morning.  The fee includes:

  • a tree from Council’s Community Nursery
  • preparation of a site and planting by a landscape contractor
  • a timber edge, staking, mulching and a tree guard
  • survey mapping services
  • memorial tree certificate.