Outdoor fitness

Commercial sport and commercial fitness trainers can apply for a Council permit which allows you to operate in certain open spaces around Sutherland Shire.

To apply

To apply please click the link below, providing us with the details requested. Once submitted a member of the sports Services Team will contact you.

Apply for a Commercial Sport and Commercial Fitness Trainers Permit

You will need to provide us a copy of your current public liability insurance certificate for minimum cover of $20 million.

Permit conditions

  • One permit per trainer. For example, if your business employs four trainers, four approvals will be required.
  • We will give each approved trainer an electronic permit and an ID Card. This electronic document must be presented to our officers when requested.
  • We will also give each trainer a flag/sign that must be visible and clearly displayed at all times during training sessions.
  • Permits do not grant exclusive use of an open space area.
  • We do not accept responsibility or liability for any interruption to business caused by us or any other authority carrying out any special event, filming or maintenance on public space sites.
  • Note: Permits expire on 30 June each year.
  • Refer to our Use of Open Space by Commercial Sport and Commercial Fitness Trainers Policy - PDF - 284 KB for all permit terms and conditions.


Please see our current schedule of Fees and Charges.

Cooper Street park

Where can training take place?

We consider potential impacts on the area you wish to train, including other users and local residents. Training cannot take place in excluded zones, such as those listed below. Please refer to the Use of Public Open Space by Commercial Sport and Commercial Fitness Trainers Policy - PDF - 284 KB.

  • Kareela Synthetic Fields (unless approval is authorised)
  • Sutherland Shire Centenary Park, Karimbla Road, Miranda
  • Playground areas (fenced & non fenced)
  • Exclusive use of public outdoor fitness equipment in parks and reserves
  • Park furniture picnic tables, shelters, seats and benches
  • Bushland areas as defined as zone 14 in the SSLEP 2006
  • Waterhouse Gardens, (known as Camellia Gardens) President Ave, Caringbah
  • Forby, Sutherland Gardens, Sutherland
  • Biddy Giles Park, Kirrawee
  • Old School Park, Gymea
  • Monro Park, Cronulla
  • Peace Park, Sutherland
  • Bushland areas within Zone C2 Environmental Conservation of the Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2015 (unless approval is authorised)
  • Group Use (i.e. 10+ persons) of public ocean pools including Cronulla, Shelly Beach and Oak Park, Ocean pools, Cronulla
  • Any public and or private car park, roadway, laneway or areas that are generally used by motor vehicles
  • Within 10 metres of memorials, memorial seats, club houses, playground equipment, and public change rooms, public toilets, kiosk areas, turf cricket wickets, (Tonkin Oval, Glenn McGrath Oval, Sutherland field 1)
  • Within 50 metres of residential properties
  • Sporting facilities (Club Houses, Sports Fields, Netball Courts, and Athletic Tracks) that have allocated sporting and active groups and school bookings (unless approval is authorised). Note that allocated community sporting clubs have the priority of use of sporting facilities outside of these times
  • Ground closures - usage must be in accordance with our wet weather procedures, please call the weather line: 02 9710 0105 for more information.

Daylight savings 6:00am to 8:30pm

Non-daylight savings 6:00am to 8:00pm

Group sizes depend on permit category.

  • NFP / Charity / Workshop - 3 people or less
  • Between 4 and 10 people
  • Between 11 and 15 people
  • Between 16 and 20 people (maximum).

Please see our current schedule of Fees and Charges.

Permitted activities

  • Fitness sessions with or without weights, fit balls, skipping ropes
  • Boxing and pad training
  • Organised aerobic activity
  • Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates
  • Circuit training
  • Combinations of the above
  • Other pre-approved fitness activity.

What activities are not permitted?

  • Aggressive, intimidating behaviour and conduct as determined by us
  • Use of amplified music, timers, audio equipment and or loud commands/instructions
  • Pushing/pulling/flipping/slamming/dropping weighted items over any surfaces including, parks, sporting fields, hard court, synthetics, buildings and or structures in public open space
  • Portable fitness equipment/machinery such as spin bikes, rowing machines, weight machines, ski ergs (unless pre-approved)
  • Group training with companion animals off leash (excluding. Wanda off leash area – hours of off-leash area operation apply)
  • Parking to unload/load equipment in a non-designated parking zone is not permitted.
  • Suspension of boxing/kickboxing bags, TRX, battle ropes or any training apparatus from trees, or structures in public open space and reserves.


Parking to unload/load equipment in a non-designated parking zone is not permitted.

Park in designated parking areas in accordance with parking control signs. Parking on grassed open space, athletic tracks, grandstands, and other non-parking areas is not permitted and may incur penalties in accordance with sections 632, 650 and 651 of the Local Government Act 1993 and the Road Rules 2008.


If you are concerned or have a complaint about an outdoor fitness activity, report it online to us.

We investigate all complaints from the public and may revoke permits under our terms and conditions.

Termination of Permits and Penalties

We may terminate your permit in the following circumstances:

  • The qualifications criteria are not complied with, e.g. Incorrect Public Liability Insurance, First Aid/CPR or:
  • The approval holder has been issued with three or more written warnings and or penalty notices or any combination of warnings in writing or penalty notices for non-compliance with the Policy.

We will issue 28 days’ notice of termination in writing to the approval holder.

We may apply a penalty if the following offence(s) are committed:

  • A commercial sport and/or commercial fitness trainer is found to be using public open space on a regular basis for training activities without Council approval: or,
  • An approved commercial sport and/or commercial fitness trainer is not operating in accordance with the Policy.