You must get Council approval for certain work in public spaces. A public place includes public roads, nature strips, footpaths, bridges and public reserves, including public wharves and boat ramps, as well as crown reserve land.

Types of work requiring approval

Approval is required to carry out works on land that is owned or managed by Sutherland Shire Council. Fees may be payable.

If you put in a new driveway, you must have Council approval.

Only approved concreters - PDF - 186 KB can undertake works on Public Road Reserves (verges or nature strips).

Concreters can apply to be added to our approved list.

Apply - single residential dwellings

Apply - large developments and non-residential, including dual-occupancy

Make a general enquiry about works in driveways

Open, excavate or bore into a public road to undertake public utility service connections or works.

Apply - single residential dwellings

Apply - large developments and non-residential , including dual-occupancy

The use of public places for the operation of a crane or concrete pump on a road work platform to facilitate construction works.

Approval is also required if an on-site tower crane will be lifting, slewing or swinging across a road or footpath.

Apply for crane/conc. pump permission

Includes work such as:

  • the use of a roadway for construction purposes or the loading and unloading of vehicles
  • building on or in the vicinity of a road
  • regulation of traffic on a road or the carriage of utility services across a road
  • a length of road delineated by work zone signs (set aside by the Road Authority) for dropping off or picking up goods and materials.

Apply for On-road work zone permission

An area to be fenced off or separated from a public area to facilitate works, including installing or replacing shop front signage or awnings.

Apply for hoarding permission

Larger-scale developments that generally require works within road reserves.

A detailed frontage design is generally a condition of development consent.

Separate applications must also be made so Council can determine the scope of works and approve the design.

Apply for detailed frontage works permission - PDF - 305 KB

Submitting this application will enable Council to provide alignment information for large developments or steep or complex driveway access. This will assist in the preparation of your Development Application (DA).

Apply for property alignment levels permission- - PDF - 69 KB

You do not need a permit to place a skip bin on private property. Approval is required for placement on public land and you must apply at least five days in advance. Bins can be placed for a maximum of 14 days on the naturestrip/footpath, or seven days if on a roadway. Shipping containers or storage pods are not permitted on Council property.

Apply for a skip bin

This application is for events such as fetes or parades ONLY.

Applications must be lodged at least three months in advance.

Please direct enquiries to Council’s Traffic and Transport department on 02 9710 0277.

Apply for road closure - PDF - 128 KB

Council’s guidelines - PDF - 13711 KB outline requirements and the application process for the placement of banners or signage on Council land. Commercial banners are not permitted.

For more information contact our Public Domain team on 02 9710 0108.

If you need to access Council's stormwater drainage infrastructure as part of a Development Application or Complying Development, you will need to organise a preliminary discussion.

If you want to connect your property drainage to Council's existing stormwater drainage infrastructure in a reserve, submit an application to Property Services.

If you want to connect your property drainage  to Council's existing stormwater drainage in a road or street , submit a Road Opening application.

This guideline - PDF - 146 KB is required to ensure that such kerbside number is applied through a controlled and managed process to ensure consistency and adherence to appropriate standards, legislative and regulatory requirements. Council does not manage, fund or promote the service but does support the painting of house numbers on adjacent concrete kerbs by those residents or businesses seeking to add this additional communication of their property number.