Cycling is a fun and increasingly popular way to explore Sutherland Shire. We have 27 km of dedicated shared walking and cycling paths, and we plan to build on our existing network over the next 20 years. Our cycling infrastructure will be expanded to include a network of safe, comfortable, direct, and attractive local and regional links and associated facilities.

Cycling Network Maps

Cycling Programs

Cycle to School

The Cycling to School program encourages children to cycle to school, promoting long-term active transport use, reducing traffic congestion, and improving health, social cohesion, self-confidence, and road safety awareness. As a result, the program encourages family members to be more active.

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It is an annual family event held in September and offers a five-kilometer ride from Shorebird Reserve to Don Lucas Reserve, with bike safety checks and fun events like face painting, an inflatable obstacle course, games, giveaways, and hot dogs. Registration is free, and updates on the event can be found on our Facebook page.