Class 2 contract is a Class 1 contract where:

  • there has not been a tender process (such as a result of a direct negotiation); or
  • where there has been a tender process and the terms and conditions of the contract have been substantially negotiated with the successful tenderer; or
  • obligations include maintaining or operating infrastructure or assets could continue for 10 years or more; or
  • it involves a privately finance project; or
  • it involves a transfer of a significant asset of the agency to another party to the contract in exchange for transfer or an asset to the agency.


ReferenceContract NameStart Date
Comm10003Suite 1, Unit 1A and Suite 2 South, Unit 1A and Suite 3, Unit 1A, 29-33 Waratah Street Kirrawee NSW 2232 and 2 car parking spaces numbers 1A and 2A01-Dec-21
Comm120011R Harnleigh Avenue, Wooloware30-June-12
Comm18001Level 5 located at 33-35 Belmont Street, Sutherland04-Dec-22
Comm22001Suite 4, Level 4, 33-35 Belmont Street Sutherland and including 4 car parking spaces located on level 1 signposted as “Planit”16-Aug-21
RLS10002104R President Avenue Caringbah South, being the building known as Camellia Gardens Teahouse15-Dec-20
RLS10003Shop 19/17-19 Cronulla Street, Cronulla11-Jan-21
RLS10004Shop 17a/17-19 Cronulla Street, Cronulla04-Jan-22
RLS10005Shop 17/17-19 Cronulla Street, Cronulla13-Feb-23
RLS10006Sutherland Leisure Centre Café within the building “Sutherland Leisure Centre” at 28 Rawson Avenue Sutherland14-Dec-20
CMT15/09116D Caldarra Avenue, Engadine1-Jan-91
RLS100142R-50R Cremona Road, Como being that part of the building known as "Como Pleasure Grounds Cafe/Kiosk"14-Apr-22
RLS11003Footpath on Kingsway, Cronulla, adjacent to 2-6 Kingsway, Cronulla20-Sep-18
RLS11004Ground Floor, 89 Cronulla Street, Cronulla29-Apr-19
RLS1100587 Cronulla Street, Cronulla1-Feb-23
RLS14003Hazelhurst Cafe being 782-804 Kingsway, Gymea1-Aug-19
RLS16001Footpath on Kingsway, Cronulla, outside shops 2 and 3 adjacent to 2-6 Kingsway, Cronulla1-Sep-16
Comm22021 Pitt Street, Loftus known as SSHED North Wing5-Jul-22
Comm11004"John Parker Memorial Tennis Centre" being 30R Ardossan Road , Engadine31-Dec-18