Find the answers to your questions about procurement and tendering at Sutherland Shire Council.

Our invitations to tender are published on our website under Current Tenders and on our Electronic Tendering Portal VendorPanel.

Tendering is the formal process for the procurement or purchase of goods and services. Under the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021 (NSW) we are required to invite tenders for contracts that are estimated to be valued at $250,000 or greater (including GST).

Sometimes we may invite tenders where there is no legislative requirement. This is usually when:

  • tendering is the best method because of the complex nature of the items or service
  • the items or services required are interrelated
  • we have limited experience in a particular field for arranging for a service or item, or
  • we wish to obtain a pool of potential providers.

Similarly, we may call for expressions of interest (EOIs) when there is no legislative requirement in situations where the project requirements are less specific, or when we would like to consider a range of solutions proposed by suppliers.

Our Preferred Suppliers Agreements (PSA’s) are compiled following the advertisement of a public tender. In order to be appointed to a PSA you will have to have been a successful Tenderer for either one of Council’s tenders or of one of the following partner organisations;

All individuals and organisations lodging tenders with us must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and must be registered for goods and services tax.

The returnable schedules in the request for tender document are created to ensure that all tenders received are equally evaluated.

If your tender is accepted, the information in your tender forms part of the contract. If you do not answer all returnable schedules, it may result in your tender being considered non-conforming.

If you would like to submit a non-conforming tender, you must begin by submitting a conforming tender and clearly identify the differences between the conforming and non-conforming tenders.

A tender is non-conforming when the returnable schedules have not been completed as per our requirements.

Your tender will not be considered.