Our Shire - Community Strategic Plan

Our Community Strategic Plan outlines the community’s aspirations and long-term vision for Sutherland Shire.

This plan is a community plan. It is prepared by Council in collaboration with, and on behalf of our community, other levels of government and agencies. Responsibility for meeting the long-term community vision and desired outcomes rests with everyone.

Our Vision

A connected and safe community that respects people and nature, enjoying active lives in a strong local economy.

Our Goals

The Community Strategic Plan is presented as 6 outcomes, which represent our goals for the next 10 years.

Over the next ten years, we want to proceed toward the future, making decisions based on fact. We are committed to recognising our past and will empower residents to participate in decision-making processes that shape our future.

Over the next ten years, we want to protect and sustain our beautiful natural environment and enhance the streets and public places we live and play in. Residents, community groups, schools, Council, and developers all have a role in protecting our environment, and reducing our resource consumption, for the benefit of us and our future generations.

Over the next ten years, we want to sustain and build a resilient and inclusive community that cares for the wellbeing of all. We will celebrate who we are through cultural experiences, events and facilities, by retaining local special places and by building a cohesive local identity. We will nurture creativity, celebrate our shared heritage and embrace diversity, helping us to create a sense of community and identify and value what is important to all of our lives.

Over the next ten years, Sutherland Shire will be a community in which each and every one of us is educated, where people can work closer to home, and where our local businesses prosper and provide increased employment opportunities.

Over the next ten years, we want to maintain and enhance our open places and spaces to promote active lifestyles and community wellbeing. We want to enable active transport options to move around the area and ensure our community feels safe and welcome in our public spaces.

Over the next ten years, we want a liveable Sutherland Shire, where growth is balanced with social outcomes, where we can access a range of transport options, where our children and workforce can afford a home, and where we can maintain and improve our quality of life.

To read the full plan, download:

Our Shire: Community Strategic Plan - PDF

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