This project provides a unique opportunity to protect the environment, our Aboriginal heritage and improve accessibility for recreational activities.

14 – 16 Grays Point Road, Grays Point.

Project timeline

Project start:  July 2023

Expected completion:  June 2024

Reason for works

Grays Point Reserve has been identified as having a highly sensitive environmental and significant heritage values.  It is home to an endangered species of beetle, rainforest plants and contains aboriginal middens where indigenous people prepared and ate meals of seafoods sourced from the nearby river.

The purpose of the boardwalk is to provide safer and easier beach access while protecting the heritage values of this site.

Scope of works

The boardwalk includes handrails and a viewing platform and a stair down to sand level at the riverside.  The viewing platform allows visitors a panoramic view across the river for 180 degrees.  Interpretive signage is planned to inform visitors of the features of the site. The works also include some bush regeneration and the scope of work involves:

  • 1.8m wide boardwalk from the carpark to the viewing platform
  • Level landings every 12 metres and handrails
  • Viewing platform at the destination
  • 1.2m wide stairs to the beach
  • Interpretive signage
  • Bush regeneration works.

Project schedule

Community Consultation – June 2021 (complete)

Concept Design – October 2019 (complete)

Tender – mid 2022 (complete)

Site Establishment – July 2023

Expected Completion – June 2024  (due to an unavoidable delay).

Public impacts during construction

The site area will be closed for public use during most of the construction period with no beach access.  We appreciate your patience whilst we protect this sensitive area.

There may be an increase in dust and noise from time to time.

Contractor vehicles will occupy some of the available parking area.


This project is fully funded by Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

Owing to the terrain upstream and downstream of this beach area (north side of river), there is no other walking access to this part of the beach.  It can be reached by boat from Swallow Rock Reserve which is located to the west or, from the Yowie Bay boat ramp to the east.

The work will be carried out under a Review of Environmental Factors (REF), and Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit and a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).

Key aspects of the plans include protection of flora, erosion control, protection of Aboriginal Heritage areas, induction of workers and sub-contractors to the CEMP methodologies, management of waste.

A link to the NSW Threatened Species information is provided on this page.  Our Project Manager, Mr Peter Warren can be reached on and will be happy to provide you more information regarding the Review of Environmental Factors.

Please approach the Contractor’s Site Manager to discuss any concerns you may have regarding the implementation of these works.  The Site Manager's details will be displayed on the Contractor’s project signage attached to the perimeter fencing.