Speak at a Council meeting

Community members are welcome to attend meetings of Council, or watch a Council meeting online.

We welcome community members to speak at a Council meeting on agenda items. This is called our Public Forum. To participate, please apply through a Public Forum application.

Speakers will be allocated three minutes to address Council on matters listed on the agenda of the meeting.

Two speakers will be permitted to speak ‘for’ (in agreement) or ‘against’ (in opposition) each item on the agenda.

Speakers are required to follow the Public Forum Policy and the Code of Meeting Practice.


Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm the Thursday before the Council meeting.

Council will contact you by 5:00pm the Friday prior to the ordinary Council meeting to confirm if your application has been successful.


Council Chambers
Level 2
4 Eton Street
Sutherland NSW

OR remotely by Microsoft Teams.

Accessing a Council meeting

Our Chambers and Council meetings can be accessed by all members of the public as we provide:

  • a live webcast of meetings
  • accessible parking spaces (entry via Eton Street)
  • ramp access to our Administration Building
  • lift access to Level 2
  • accessible toilets
  • space for people with wheelchairs in the public gallery