Council has many and varied regulatory functions that empower Council to enforce legislation and regulation.

Council has adopted a Compliance and Enforcement Policy that we follow when performing our regulatory functions to ensure they are consistent, transparent and proportionate to the level of regulatory breach.

This policy outlines the process we follow when:

  1. considering whether to investigate an apparent regulatory breach, and
  2. deciding whether or not to take enforcement action in response to a regulatory breach and if so, what type of action is appropriate.

The policy also outlines what you need to do if you want our decision to take or not to take enforcement action to be reviewed. For example, if you have received:

  • a penalty notice, any representations about the penalty notice must be directed in the first instance to Revenue NSW. Further details can also be found on the penalty notice, or
  • A Notice of Proposed Order, Order or Direction, any representations or request to review this action must be referred to the Team Leader of the responsible Unit referencing the Notice/Order number or ‘CR’ Reference number which can be found at the top of the Notice/Order or related correspondence letter.