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Sutherland Shire Mayor at Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony

As we approach Anzac Day, an occasion of remembrance and gratitude, I am deeply honoured to reflect on the sacrifices made for more than a century by those who have served during times of conflict and war.

Anzac Day holds profound significance for our community and the entire nation. It is a day to reflect on the selflessness, courage, and resilience displayed by service men and women, past and present. It is a day to pay tribute to their unwavering commitment to defending our freedoms and way of life.

Each year, I am joined by my fellow Councillors in attending Anzac Day services right across Sutherland Shire and one of the most poignant traditions is the Dawn Service, a solemn ceremony held at dawn to honour the memory of those who have fallen.

We are fortunate to have a number of Dawn Services taking place across our local area, providing residents with the opportunity to come together in a deeply moving experience that also fosters a sense of connection across the community.

Regardless of background, age, or creed, we stand side-by-side as members of the same community to honor the legacy of our veterans, but also to build and strengthen intergenerational connections, pass on stories and lessons of sacrifice, courage, and mateship, and to instil a sense of pride and responsibility in our youth and future leaders to ensure the spirit of ANZAC continues to endure for generations to come.

Over the past year, I worked alongside members of the Cronulla RSL sub-Branch to bring to life a new commemorative space at Cronulla Park, ahead of April 25 services. This week, we had the honour of unveiling a wall of remembrance, featuring a white remembrance cross, natural sandstone, flag holders and a place to lay wreaths.

This serves as another special place for our community to turn their attention and pay their respects, every day, for many years to come. Funded by Council, the project was a joint initiative between Council and Cronulla RSL sub-Branch and is one I’m extremely proud to have played an important part in delivering.

I strongly encourage each one of you to attend a Dawn Service in your local area on Anzac Day. Whether it be at Cronulla Beach, Engadine, or any of the other locations hosting services, your presence will be a mark of respect for our ANZACs and serving personnel and contribute to fostering an even more connected community. Lest we forget. For more information and to view the full list of Anzac Day services, please visit Anzac Day 2024.

Sutherland Shire Mayor Councillor Carmelo Pesce