Standing Committees

We have four Standing Committees. These Committees make decisions (resolutions) and recommendations on matters related to the responsibility of the Committee.

Limitations and exclusions on what decisions the Committees can make are available in the individual Committee Charters, which can be viewed by clicking on the relevant committee links below.  Matters that are resolved under delegated authority take affect from midday on the Wednesday after the Standing Committee Meeting. These resolutions are not debated at Council Meetings.

Standing Committee recommendations require formal resolution by Council.

These meetings are open for members of the public to attend.


Council has adopted the following Sub-Committees:

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Sub-Committee is a forum for communication between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members and Council to address and advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues within the Sutherland Shire.

Read the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 203 KB

The Access and Inclusion Sub-Committee assists Council develop strategies to reduce barriers and enhance inclusion and accessibility for people with disability.

Read the Access and Inclusion Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 205 KB

The Arts and Culture Sub-Committee supports the development of a  culturally rich and vibrant community - a key goal of Council’s Community Strategic Plan.

Read the Arts and Culture Sub-Committee Charter - PDF - 205 KB.

The Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee enhances the Council’s governance framework, risk management practices, control, strategy and performance environment by providing independent assurance and assistance to the Council on key aspects of its operations.

Read the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee Charter - PDF - 278 KB.

The Australia Day and Events Sub-Committee oversees the strategic management of Council’s cultural and community events. It aims to ensure a balanced, inspiring and leading calendar of events that reflects our community and cultural identity, attracts visitors and bolsters our economy.

Read the Australia Day and Events Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 193 KB

The purpose of the Business and Industry Sub Committee is to drive economic and employment growth in the Sutherland Shire.

Read the Business and Industry Sub Committee Charter. - PDF - 197 KB

The Community Grants and Subsidies Sub-Committee aims to provide financial support to local not-for-profit organisations.

Read the Community Grants and Subsidies Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 179 KB

This Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee guides Council achieving the following outcomes of the Sutherland Shire Community Strategic Plan (CSP):

  • effectively manage and conserve our resources
  • Enhance and protect diverse natural habitats
  • protect our beaches, rivers and oceans
  • environment and climate risks and impacts are understood and managed.

Read the Environment and Sustainability Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 194 KB.

The Floodplain Risk Management Sub-Committee assists Council reduce the risk to life and property from riverine, creek, overland and coastal flooding across the Sutherland Shire.

Read the Floodplain Risk Management Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 202 KB

The Hazelhurst Arts Centre Board Sub-Committee ensures business plans, policies and programs fulfil the operational and promotional objectives, and ongoing growth of the Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

Read the Hazelhurst Arts Centre Board Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 177 KB

The Heritage and Shire History Sub-Committee provides a forum to support the conservation and community awareness of Sutherland Shire’s cultural history.

Read the Heritage and Shire History Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 171 KB

The Port Hacking Management Sub-Committee oversees the development of the Port Hacking Coastal Management Program and aims to protect and enhance the social and environmental values of the Port Hacking estuary.

Read the Port Hacking Management Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 172 KB

The Rural Fire Service Consultative Committee provides Sutherland Shire District Rural Fire Brigade members a forum to consult Councillors on resource needs. It also provides a forum to discuss opportunities, initiatives to enhance bushfire protection for public safety, property and our environment within Sutherland Shire.

Read the Rural Fire Service Consultative Committee Charter. - PDF - 192 KB

The Sport and Active Communities Sub-Committee facilitates the outcomes of the Sport and Leisure Strategies and other Council strategies that include sport and recreation participation and recommendations.

Read the Sport and Active Communities Sub-Committee Charter. - PDF - 234 KB

The Sutherland Consultative Traffic Forum is a technical advisory committee meeting, that provides traffic engineering advice on matters raised by Council. This forum facilitates the distribution of information on traffic matters that are not managed by the Sutherland Shire Council Traffic and Traffic Safety Committee.

Read the Sutherland Consultative Traffic Forum Charter. - PDF - 174 KB

The Sutherland Traffic and Traffic Safety Committee is a technical review committee that provides advice on matters referred to it by Council.

Read the Sutherland Traffic and Traffic Safety Committee Charter. - PDF - 176 KB