Our Codes of Conduct set the minimum standards of conduct for our Officials. Councillors, Council employees, delegates of Council and Council advisers must comply with the provisions of these codes.

We act ethically and with integrity

Conduct Standards

Our Codes cover the following core elements:

  • General Conduct Obligations:
    • fairness and equity
    • harassment and discrimination
    • bullying
    • drugs and alcohol
    • work health & safety
    • regulatory functions
    • obligations in relation to meetings
  • Conflicts of Interest:
    • Pecuniary Interest - an interest in a matter because of a reasonable likelihood of financial gain or loss.
    • Non-pecuniary interest - private or personal interests in a matter commonly arising out of family or personal relationships or involvement with certain organisations.
  • Gifts and Benefits:
    • Council officials should not accept gifts or benefits unless this is allowed in accordance with our Codes of Conduct.
    • Council officials must refuse gifts, benefits or offers of hospitality where there is a perceived or actual conflict of interest.
    • Rather than offering a gift, a job well done can be recognised by contacting us here to provide your feedback.
  • Relationships Between Council Officials:
    • Equitable and Consistent
    • Considerate and respectful
    • Ethical, open and transparent
    • Fit for purpose
    • Accountable and measurable
  • Access to Information and Council Resources: 
    • Information must only be accessed as required and not used for private purpose
    • Resources must be used in an honest, productive and cost-effective way and not for private purpose

Business Ethics

Council officials must meet high standards of integrity and accountability when doing business with and delivering services to the community. More information can be found here.

Responsible Reporting

We are committed to a high standard of ethical and accountable conduct. Conduct by Council officials that breaches the Codes is not acceptable. Reports, based on honest beliefs and reasonable grounds, will be investigated promptly, professionally and in confidence.

If you suspect or are aware of a Council Official who may have done the wrong thing, you can report your concerns.

A Code of Conduct complaint is a complaint that alleges conduct on the part of a council official, acting in their official capacity, that if proven, will confirm that a breach of Council’s Codes of Conduct has occurred.

The following are not Code of Conduct complaints;

  • the standard of service provided;
  • the merits of a decision;
  • policies or procedures of Council; and
  • A council official doing their job in good faith and in line with Council’s Codes of Conduct.

Complaints that do not satisfy the above definition of a 'Code of Conduct complaint' will be managed under Council's Customer Feedback and Complaints Management Policy - PDF - 192 KB complaint management procedure or referred to the appropriate agency.

Complete and submit our Codes of Conduct Breach online reporting form or write to Council's Public Officer at publicofficer@ssc.nsw.gov.au.

The Procedures for the Administration of the Codes of Conduct includes information on how reports will be managed.