288 Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell


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  • Skate park

Greenhills Skate Park offers a skateable area of approximately 1600m2. It has a bowl area featuring a large vertical transition, a street zone with stair sets and a snake run area that pays homage to the early days of skateboarding.

The skate park was designed and built by Convic in collaboration with Council, the developers, local skaters and Shire residents.

Skate park visitors are reminded to adhere to the advisory signage and be mindful when accessing the skate park. Entry to the skate park is via Lindum Road which will take you to the skate facility and adjacent car park.

Please help keep the facility clean and safe and report any damage or graffiti to Council.

Getting to the skate park

There are a number of transport options for anyone wanting to visit Greenhills Skate Park.


Local bus operator Transdev runs the Cronulla to Kurnell 987 bus service between Cronulla Station, Cronulla and Kurnell. Those wishing to catch the bus to Greenhills Skate Park should get off at the Lindum Road bus stop which provides convenient and safe access to the new facility.

For timetable and bus stop information for the 987 bus service from Cronulla Station to Kurnell, visit www.transdevnsw.com.au.


Those wishing to drive can park their cars in the car park adjacent to the skate facility. Do not park on Captain Cook Drive.

Riding or walking

You can ride or walk to Greenhills Skate Park from Cronulla on the Wanda Heritage Dunes walking track. The track starts at the end of the car park in Wanda Reserve, Cronulla and goes through the Wanda Heritage Dunes before finishing at the skate park.

The track is 3 km long and steep in parts, so take the correct walking gear. If you are riding, you will need a mountain bike or suitable all-terrain bike and you may have to dismount in some places for your safety.

You are encouraged not to ride or walk along Captain Cook Drive to get to the skate park, but instead use the other transport options.

Frequently asked questions

How can the skate park be accessed?

Access to the skate park is via Lindum Road at the roundabout. There is no pedestrian access to the skate park from Captain Cook Drive.

What are the opening hours?

Interim opening hours are 7.30am to sunset. The gate to the public carpark will be closed and locked at sunset each day.

What security is being provided on site?

Skate park users need to follow the direction of authorised officers including Council's Public Safety Officers.

How do I report damage or anti social behavior?

Damage to the skate park and carpark should be reported to Council through Report It. We ask everyone to be proactive in keeping the facility in great shape for all users. Antisocial behavior should be reported to the Police on 9527 8199 (Miranda Local Area Command). Emergencies should be reported to 000.

What activities are prohibited at the skate park?

Possession and consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Animals, remote controlled devices, mobile ramps or rails and BMX pegs are not allowed at the skate park. Regulatory signage is in place at the skate park and should be followed at all times.

Skaters at Greenhills Skate Park
Greenhills Skate Park
Greenhills Skate Park bowl