Council offers residents of Sutherland Shire a range of free 'waste wise' workshops to help reduce landfill.

Bookings open three weeks before the workshop. Some workshops are delivered online via Zoom.

Composting and worm farming

This hands-on, fun workshop gives you the opportunity to learn how easy it can be to reuse your food scraps creating nutrient rich fertiliser to improve soil conditions and decrease the amount you send to landfill.

Participants also receive a free compost bin or worm farm at the end of the workshop (limit of 1 per household).

Productive organic gardening

This hands-on practical workshop teaches you to create a healthy and abundant ecosystem by helping you understand nature and replicating it in your garden at home.  You will also learn how to prepare and plant a delicious edible garden, therefore reducing the waste you bring home from the supermarket.

Plastic Free July

Do you want to learn how to live 'Plastic Free'? Join these fantastic workshops and you will learn how to reduce plastic waste.

Food preserving and pickling making

Learn about the age-old practice of pickling to sustainably keep food fresh, while reducing food waste.


Enjoy this unique workshop and learn about the age-old practice of fermenting while reducing food waste.

Holiday program for children

It’s never too early to start learning about how to protect the planet by eliminating waste. Children aged 3 to 7 will be introduced to discover the benefits of avoiding waste, recycling, composting, reusing and sharing.

Bokashi (accelerator composting)

Have you mastered composting and want to push on further and learn more?  Come along to this interactive workshop and learn to make your own accelerator that ferments organic matter.  This also can be used in an airtight kitchen top container to break down your organic matter - perfect for unit dwellers.

Balcony and small space gardening

Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetables but don’t think you have enough space? Learn how to grow vegetables in pots and reduce the waste you bring home from the supermarket.

Menu planning and food waste avoidance

Learn how to plan your meals, reduce your food waste, improve your health and save money.

Natural skincare

Learn how to reduce packaging by making your own skincare products just from simple and natural ingredients.

Green cleaning

This fun and informative hands-on practical workshop will teach you how to reduce waste while making your own cleaning products from simple and natural ingredients.