Remediation of Fig Tree in Monro Park, Cronulla

July 2023 - We recently sought independent soil and arboriculture assessments on the Fig Tree in Monro Park, Cronulla, following reports on the declining health of the tree which is evident in the defoliation of the canopy.

The report findings indicate that the tree likely has anoxia – a result of depleted oxygen levels, which is a result of over exposure to excess water.

Council has considered the independent advice and developed an implementation plan in response to remediate and improve the health of the fig, with a focus on:

  • Reducing impacts of potential waterlogging
  • All stormwater drainage has been checked and cleared
  • The drainage will be monitored and cleared ongoing to ensure it remains free flowing
  • Irrigation near the fig has been adjusted to reduce watering based on rain and ground water profiles.

As there are further updates on the health of this tree, we will continue to provide details on this webpage.

Monro Park Fig Tree July 2023

South-eastern Corner Miranda Park – adjacent to Port Hacking High School

We have assessed 10 Camphor Laurel trees at the south-eastern corner of Miranda Park and our arborists have decided to remove the trees in the interests of public safety.

The trees have a range of structural faults which now pose a risk to pedestrians, traffic and park users.

Structural faults include significant decay throughout the tree trunks and stems, along with entire dead sections of the trees. While the trees still appear generally green, the structural defects cannot be ignored.

Tree removal will start the week commencing 2 December 2022.

Camphor Laurel trees Miranda example dead branches leaders
Camphor Laurel trees Miranda example structural defects decay
Camphor Laurel trees Miranda example structural defects tissue

We considered several alternatives, including:

  • isolating the trees from pedestrian movement,
  • removing just the dead wood, or
  • lopping the trees back to below the damaged areas.

However, for public safety and practicality reasons, our arborists decided to remove the trees and develop a plan to reinstate advanced trees at this location in 2023.