Opening hours

7:00am-6:15pm Monday to Friday (open 51 weeks of the year)

Daily capacity

59 children


Meeting National Quality Standard



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Environment and location

We’re in the centre of Sutherland, and only a one-minute walk from Sutherland train station. Our prime location allows us to enjoy regular walking excursions. We visit the library, fire station, public school and many other destinations.

Moore Street is about community. We build close partnerships with families and come together to build stronger connections.

Spacious outdoors

Children enjoy our spacious and modern outdoors, including big sandpits, a piano, climbing and balancing equipment, a shaded baby play area and a covered veranda for messy crafts and play.

Our playground also features a large wall mural painted by students from Endeavour Sports High School.  Children love this colourful artwork inspired by Aboriginal rock engravings.

Our team

Our Moore Street families value our dedication. Our team is welcoming, kind and motivated by genuine love for the children we care for.

We build rapport with families and collaborate with parents on their children’s development and individual learning goals.

Many of our Educators are long-standing and families value this consistency. Even our cook, dubbed by one family as 'the best cook in Sutherland Shire', is synonymous with Moore Street.

Our team is diverse, and our individual skills guide an engaging and dynamic curriculum.  Our sustainability enthusiast, for example, leads environmental education and our avid gardener helps the children to grow veggies and herbs.

Preschool program

Our quality preschool program includes a deliberate combination of intentional teaching and spontaneous learning. It also reflects the children’s interests and each child’s learning goals.

We foster every child's love of learning. Children who are inspired to learn will thrive in every aspect of their development.  They will ask questions, process information, try new things, be happy to share and collaborate, develop friendships, join in games, and know they belong to a community of learning.

Our creative early education programs follow the Australian Government's Early Years Learning Framework, the only government-approved learning framework for children under school age.

Our preschool program fosters:

  • Language (learning new words, following directions, sharing news and stories etc).
  • Cognitive growth (concepts such as time, advanced memory games)
  • Pre-literacy
  • Pre-numeracy
  • STEAM experiences (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths)
  • Fine motor skills (pincer grip, cutting, pasting, holding a pencil, drawing, writing name)
  • Gross motor skills (hopping, jumping, skipping)

Social and emotional skills are also important for primary school. We focus on children's development in these areas:

  • Emotional resilience (self-regulating emotions, expressing emotions in a way that others would expect)
  • Self-care skills (e.g. caring for belongings, tying shoelaces, toileting by themselves)
  • Making and maintaining friendships
  • Starting conversations with others
  • Problem solving skills
  • Developing resilience
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Compromising, cooperating and working in a group with other children.
  • Learning to adapt to changes in routines
  • Knowing when and how to ask for help
  • Empathy and caring for others.


‘We appreciate your many daily acts of kindness towards the children. We drive two hours every day to drop/pick up the kids but it’s 100 per cent worth it.’

‘Our daughter loves coming every day and thrives in Moore Street’s amazing environment. Your patience and dedication is extremely admirable.’

‘I've been at Moore Street for over five years and know how much they go above and beyond for every child. I couldn’t have asked for a better service for my children.’