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Alcohol-restricted zones

To prevent anti-social behaviour and improve public safety, there are restrictions on consuming alcohol or taking it to some public places.

Alcohol-free zones

Alcohol can be possessed but not consumed in alcohol-free zones, including roads, footpaths and public car parks.

Alcohol Prohibited Areas

Drinking or possessing alcohol with the intent to drink it is prohibited in an Alcohol Prohibited Area, including parks, reserves and beaches.

Events with alcohol

If you are holding an event in an Alcohol Prohibited Area, you must request permission to provide alcohol in your application and include an Alcohol Management Plan.


Any person caught drinking alcohol in an Alcohol-free zone or Alcohol Prohibited Area may have their alcohol confiscated by police.


View alcohol-restricted areas on Shire Maps by selecting Alcohol Free/Prohibited Areas on the Maps menu.

Report alcohol possession or consumption in public places