Girl on horse facing jumps

Where can I ride a horse?

We have two free horse arenas in Sutherland Shire where horses can be ridden:

  • Carina Bay Horse Arena, Como
  • Kurnell Horse Arena, next to Marton Park.

Horses are not permitted:

  • anywhere else within Marton Park
  • in any parks and reserves, on walking trails or on beaches.

Sharing the road

Horses are allowed on many NSW roads.  Horse riders have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users and must abide by the NSW Road Rules.

National parks

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service allows appropriate recreational horse riding in selected national parks, subject to conditions. In general, riding in parks is permitted only on designated roads and trails. In a small number of parks, riding is also permitted off-trail in broad clear areas such as beaches and sub-alpine plains.

The NSPW code of practice sets out guidelines for horse riding in national parks.

Where is horse riding prohibited?

Parks and reserves

Horses are not permitted in our parks and reserves, including on walking trails, to prevent any risk to members of the community and to protect our native and endangered species.

Horses on beaches

Horses are not permitted on any beach in Sutherland Shire, including Silver Beach and Bonna Point. We have adopted this approach due to the risk to the community on our populated beaches and also to the risk of horses coming into contact with dogs at the off-leash dog beach in Wanda.

Wanda Beach dunes

Wanda Beach dunes are in a protected area and are off-limits to animals.