Chemical waste is hazardous. When disposed of incorrectly in your household waste bins, it can pose a serious risk to you and the community. We host two free Household Chemical CleanOuts collections per year for residents to safely dispose of problem waste.

Next event will be hosted on Saturday 14, Sunday 15 and Monday 16 September 2024.

Remain in your vehicle during drop-off and follow staff instructions. Transport chemicals safely.

Visit the NSW EPA for other chemical collection dates if our dates don’t suit you. This is a free service.

Only household quantities are accepted (20L or 20kg). Paint is accepted up to 100L (in 20L containers).

Please transport your materials carefully and remain in your vehicle at the collection site.

paint and paint-related products

pesticides, herbicides and other garden chemicals


motor oils, fuels and fluids

household and car batteries

gas bottles

fire extinguishers


pool chemicals

acids and alkalis

hobby chemicals

smoke alarms

solvents and household cleaning products

ammonia-based cleaners

fluorescent globes

oil-filled heaters.

  • Ensure containers are clearly labelled and sealed. If you do not know the contents, label the container ‘UNKNOWN CHEMICAL’.
  • If possible, keep all chemicals in their original containers.
  • Never mix chemicals.
  • Liquids can leak during transportation. Wrap old or damaged containers in newspaper, place in a sturdy plastic bag and then in a plastic container or tray.
  • Store your chemicals in the boot, away from passengers.

Location:  Bellingara Netball Centre car park - 99-105 Bellingara Road, Miranda