Help keep Sutherland Shire graffiti-free.

If your property has been vandalised with graffiti, you should notify the police. No matter how minor, the information you provide could help police apprehend offenders and identify frequently targeted locations.

Removal of graffiti on Council property

Council will remove graffiti and repair vandalism on Council property.

Report graffiti

Removal of graffiti on residential and commercial properties

If offensive graffiti is both visible and accessible from public land, Council can remove graffiti free-of-charge, after we gain permission from the property owner.

Other graffiti not visible or accessible from public land is removed on a fee-for-service basis. You can contact us for a quote or request a free graffiti removal kit and do it yourself.

Graffiti removal kits

Our graffiti removal kits contain environmentally-friendly products and protective equipment. The products in the kit will remove most spray enamels, acrylics and permanent markers from surfaces including metal, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, porcelain, timber, brick, concrete, stone and surfaces treated with a graffiti-resistant coating.

There is a limit of one kit per applicant per year, and kits may only be used on your own property. Proof of residence or business ownership, such as a rates notice, driver's licence or business details, is required.

You can also purchase graffiti removal products from hardware stores. Always read the safety information prior to use.

Request a graffiti removal kit

Kits are provided on the spot at our customer service centre.

Reporting graffiti on non-Council property



Major roads, including street signs and sound walls.

Train stations, railway overpasses and sound barriers.

Transport NSW

Telstra public payphones.

Telstra Pay Phones

Ausgrid-owned property, including power poles and green junction boxes.

Phone: 13 13 65

Post boxes and Australia Post property.

Australia Post

Schools, TAFE colleges and universities.Contact the institution directly.

NSW Government graffiti hotline

If you're not sure who owns the property, call the NSW Graffiti Hotline: 1800 707 125.

Council's Graffiti Management Plan and Graffiti Management Policy

Graffiti Management Policy

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The Graffiti Management Policy represents Council’s management and treatment of graffiti including property owned by Council, private property and property owned by other government departments and agencies within the Sutherland Shire.