Recycle your food scraps and cut your waste in half!

We've partnered with Compost Revolution to provide our community with a worm farm, compost bin or bokashi bin at discounted prices.  Sutherland Shire residents get up to 50% off RRP plus free delivery on:

  • 220L ‘Dirt Vader’ Compost Bin
  • ‘The Farm’ worm farm
  • ‘Maze’ indoor bokashi bin
  • Eco Tumbler Composter 180
  • Eco Tumbler Composter 245
  • Hungry Bin worm farm
  • SubPod Mini worm farm
  • SubPod worm farm
  • Green Cone Solar composter
  • EnsoPet Poo Composter

Residents can request one order per household.

Get started on your compost revolution

Get the lowdown on starting your own compost, worm farm or bokashi bin with our instruction sheets