Council manages trees like any other public asset - on a whole of life-cycle basis. This is a continual and revolving program of planning, initial planting, intervention when required, and renewal.

Whole of life cycle tree asset management

We manage and retain trees where appropriate. We remove and replace trees when they are no longer fit for purpose. Sometimes trees are removed due to structural defects within the tree, despite still having a green canopy.

This ensures the quality and quantity of the Sutherland Shire tree population, both now, and for future generations.

Our tree management approach includes:

  • forward planning
  • early intervention
  • long-term care
  • sustainable planting programs.

We are responsible for the maintenance and removal of all trees on Council-managed land.

You should never attempt to prune or remove a public tree yourself, including hiring a contractor to do this. Works not approved by us will be treated as vandalism.

If you believe a public tree requires maintenance or is a safety concern, contact us.

Our Arborist will then assess the tree's health, structure and context to determine if action is required. Tree removal is only carried out when there is no practical remedial option.

All public tree works are completed by one of our in-house teams or preferred suppliers.


You can undertake tree works on Council-managed land If:

  • you have an approved Development Consent or Driveway Consent from us
  • we have provided you with other written approval for pruning or removal.

This work must be carried out by a Council-approved contractor in accordance with the conditions of the consent or approval. The applicant is responsible for contract management and payment.

If we decline to remove a tree from Council-managed land, you can request a review of our decision. This process is carried out under our Urban Tree and Bushland Policy.

Our internal expert panel will consider your concerns, as well as the site, health, structure and significance of the tree.

The review process is as follows:

  1. Write to us seeking a review of the decision.
  2. We will undertake an initial review and provide a Panel Review Application Form.
  3. Submit the application to us, along with any supporting information.
  4. We will consult in writing with the immediate neighbours.
  5. Our panel will review the information and make a decision.
  6. We will advise you of the decision in writing.

We sometimes remove trees or undertake remedial works in high-profile locations.

When required, we will erect signs with QR codes to provide you with further information.

Check the latest information about Tree Management Works.

We act to assess and contain any risks posed by trees on Council land. If the risk cannot be managed, trees are removed.

Healthy and structurally sound trees can sometimes cause damage, particularly during extreme weather events. Find out more.

The maintenance of pipes and driveways across public land is the responsibility of the property owner. Tree roots will access damaged, displaced or poorly joined pipes, as well as poorly constructed driveways. Residents should take appropriate action to maintain these private assets.

Trees on Council land Enquiry

Please ensure you have considered all the information provided.

Report an issue with a tree on public or Council land.

Power lines: If a tree is hanging over power lines or service wires and requires trimming, contact Ausgrid on 13 13 88 (24hrs).