Most residents have three bins:

  • garbage (red bin)
  • recycling (yellow bin)
  • garden waste (green bin).

Placing your bins for collection

There are five simple rules to follow.

1. Place your bin on the kerb before 4am on the day of the collection.  We still collect bins if your service falls on a public holiday. Collections may take place earlier than 4am on public holidays due to landfill opening hours.

2. The bin lid opening should be facing the street.

3. Keep at least 30cm between each bin to ensure that the truck arm can grab each bin.

4. Don't place your bin under low hanging power lines or trees because this presents a potential safety hazard. A garbage truck contacting a live wire or tree can disrupt services to your street and is a risk to the community.

You need to look up and check there is enough space between your bin and any objects above.

That means estimating there is 4 metres clear space above your bin, or 5 metres above the ground.

If there isn't enough space, please move your bin to a safe location.

Bins placed under low power lines or trees will not be collected.

5. Don't overfill your bin and ensure the lid is closed to prevent pollution in your neighbourhood. Overfull bins or bins weighing more than 80 kg may not be collected.

We can't collect items placed next to, or on top of bins.

When is my bin day?

Check your bin day online or download a waste information booklet for your fridge. This includes a calendar with your bin collection days.

Contact us if you’re a resident of a large complex to find out your bin day as this may differ from single dwellings in your area.

Report a missed bin collection

After you've let us know about your missed bin, the turnaround for collection is:

  • Missed garbage (red) bin: next working day
  • Missed garden (green) or recycling (yellow) bin: the following week's collection day.

Report a damaged, lost or stolen bin