Register your pet

It is mandatory in NSW for all cats and dogs to be registered before they are six months old. The registration fee is a once-only payment covering the cat or dog for its lifetime in NSW, regardless of changes in ownership.

Additional fees apply if your animal’s registration is not paid before they are six months of age.

Registration is cheaper if dogs are desexed before six months of age.

You will find the registration fees on the Office of Local Government website. The NSW Pet Registry also specifies registration fees for animals linked to your account.

Annual permits are required for cats not desexed before four months of age, in addition to the registration fee above.

Before you register your pet

  • Check your details on NSW Pet Registry
  • Ensure your vet has updated your pet’s desexing information on NSW Pet Registry.

Pay your pet registration

Microchip your pet

A microchip is your pet’s ticket home if they are lost. Keep your details up to date NSW Pet Registry so you can be reunited when your pet is found.

You should have a vet microchip your dog or cat before 12 weeks of age, or when they go to a new owner (whichever comes first).

Update your details

Keep your pet’s details up to date on the NSW Pet Registry so we can contact you if your pet is lost or found.


  • within 14 days of giving away or selling your pet
  • if your pet is missing for more than three days - notify the NSW Pet Registry on day four and when your pet returns home
  • within 14 days of moving house
  • within 28 days of your pet passing away


You must also update your details within 24 hours of your dog being declared restricted, dangerous or menacing.