How Low Can You Go?
Our target: zero packaging in the garbage

Did you know? The amount of packaging going to landfill is like 8,153 hot air balloons full of CO² emissions.

Packaging accounts for more than 23% of household waste going to landfill..

However, we can make simple changes in our habits to avoid or reduce the amount of packaging we send to landfill.

Try to choose products that use less packaging and remember to take re-usable bags out with you to avoid the need for single-use plastic bags. Consider where possible, buying in bulk, as it can save you money, packaging and transport costs.

Simple ways to reduce packaging

BYO to go low

Say no to single use plastics and unnecessary plastics by bringing your own:

  • reusable shopping bags,
  • coffee cups,
  • bottle,
  • straws,
  • bottles and
  • cutlery

Make your own

  • meal, jams, condiments
  • cleaning products
  • skincare and soaps

To learn more about how you can avoid packaging, check out our waste wise workshops.


Take the challenge and reduce your waste