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Translated COVID-19  Resources

Multicultural Health Connect - the first national helpline to help people in multicultural communities get health information and advice. The helpline is free and confidential, and run by workers with multicultural backgrounds.

In-language help is available by calling 1800 186 815, where callers speak with a trained worker who understands and respects their culture, needs and concerns, either in the preferred language of the caller or with the help of an interpreter.

Through this helpline callers can:

  • get free health advice from a nurse
  • find doctors, hospitals, support, and community health centres
  • find nearby support services

learn about COVID-19, including how to get a vaccination, protect yourself and your family and manage your symptoms if you get COVID-19.

Multicultural Reference Group (MRG)

Sutherland Shire’s Multicultural Reference Group - PDF - 301 KB (MRG) is comprised of people from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background. The MRG provides a forum for residents from diverse backgrounds to address and advance multicultural issues.

The MRG advises Council to help with relevant and strategic decision making. MRG members also help to deliver Council initiatives, and advocate for additional or improved services for CALD and migrant communities.

If you are interested in joining the MRG, please contact communities@ssc.nsw.gov.au.

Refugee Welcome Zone

Sutherland Shire is a Refugee Welcome Zone. This means we are committed to:

  • welcoming refugees into the community
  • upholding the human rights of refugees
  • demonstrating compassion for refugees
  • enhancing cultural and religious diversity in the community.

Refugee week logo

Refugee Week is about celebrating the positive contributions refugees make to Australian society. It aims  to create a culture of welcome throughout the country. Refugee Week is celebrated around the world, culminating in World Refugee Day on 20 June.

Refugee Week aims to educate the Australian public about who refugees are, to understand the challenges they face, and to focus on how the community can provide a safe and welcoming environment. The Refugee Week theme in 2023 is 'Freedom'. To learn more, visit Home - Refugee Week

Watch this space for events coming in June 2023.

Harmony week logo

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of their cultural or linguistic background.

This year Sutherland Shire Council will be supporting cultural cooking competition in Westfield Miranda, spraying hair orange for the kick off of soccer season and providing Aboriginal Heritage walk for recent arrivals to our community.

To get involved, visit Harmony week - Everyone belongs.

Watch this space for more details on events coming in March 2023

Citizenship ceremonies

On behalf of the Department of Home Affairs, Sutherland Shire Council hosts regular citizenship ceremonies to welcome new Australians into our community.

Sutherland Shire diversity

  • the four largest ancestries in 2021 were English, Australian, Irish and Italian
  • 44 401 people (19.3%) were born overseas
  • 14% of people speak another language
  • Catholic, Anglican and Greek orthodox religions were the major religions.

(Source id.informed decisions)

Walk the Walls Festival 2022 - an offering to the courageous people of Iran.

This year at Walk The Walls Festival in Cronulla, we invited artists Zoe Edema from Muralisto to participate. Zoe collaborated with artists Asiyeh (@asiyeh_studio) and Leila (@leila_mirzhkhan) to create this beautiful mural with an important message.

In zoe's words:

"This artwork is a small offering in support of the woman, life, freedom movement in Iran. A heartfelt thank you to Asiyeh and Leila for reaching out to us and sharing your big ideas and hearts, and trusting us in this collaboration...

@asiyeh_studio handmade the stencils; the cypress tree, a symbol for life and beauty and the spirals represent evolution, change and momentum. The bright red tulips and poppies symbolise those who have died in Iran fighting for equality and justice, and the radiant omnipotent sun goddess, with her waves of hair like sunbeams represents the warmth, strength and resilience of women."

Iranian artist and illustrator, Asiyeh Ansari, said "This mural is an offering to the courageous people of Iran. It is a small way we hope to raise awareness and show solidarity."

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