Residents who live in a house or small complex (a unit, duplex, villa or townhouse complex with six dwellings or fewer) are entitled to two pre-booked Council clean-ups each financial year.

Please place materials out the day before your collection date. Leaving material out earlier may mean your clean-up is treated as illegal dumping. You should consider this when choosing your collection date.

Tell us, what's in your clean-up?

To assist us with bookings, we ask that you estimate what materials will be in your clean-up and how much you'll need us to collect.

  • Household waste - up to three cubic metres per clean-up
  • Green waste - bundled and tied. Branches must be no longer than 1.5m and no thicker than a broomstick
  • Mattresses - limit of two, either two mattresses or one mattress and one base. Allow up to five days for collection as mattresses may be collected by a different truck
  • Metal and white goods - dismantle items longer than 1.5m

Terms and Conditions

  • I understand that my booking is not confirmed until I have completed all steps of this online booking process and receive a booking confirmation number
  • I confirm I will place items out on the nature strip no earlier than the night before my booked collection date.
  • I confirm that I have read and understood Council’s advice in relation to acceptable and unacceptable materials Simple steps to prepare for your clean up | Sutherland Shire Council (
  • I understand I must bundle and tie all garden vegetation with natural string or rope. Council will not return to collect vegetation if it was not originally tied and bundled
  • I confirm that the materials placed out will not exceed 3 metres x 1 metre x 1 metre (see link above) unless booking two Kerbside Clean Ups 6 metres x 1 metre x 1 metre for the same date, which would use both allocated Kerbside Clean Ups
  • I understand any excess or incorrect materials not collected are my responsibility and must now be taken to a licenced facility at my own cost
  • I confirm I will stack items neatly on the kerbside, and will not obstruct driveways, roadways, or gutters
  • I confirm that I will place the mattress in a way that allows clear access for the contractor to collect. Mattresses may be collected at a different time/day to other materials
  • I confirm that I will place fridges and large whitegoods in a way that allows clear access for the contractor to collect.  Fridges and large whitegoods may be collected at a different time/day to other materials
  • I will only place items out that can be easily handled by 2 people
  • I will remove doors from fridges and furniture for safety
  • I understand that if I do not comply with these guidelines, I risk non collection of items. A notice will be placed in my letter box with details of why the items were not collected.
  • I will not place out for collection hazardous items, chemicals, paint, car parts, gas bottles, sheet glass/mirrors, televisions, building materials or items that exceed the allowed amount. These items will not be collected.
  • I understand that Council reserves the right to reject materials for collection if they do not meet these Terms and Conditions
  • I agree changes or cancellations must be submitted at least 7 days before my booked collection date by calling customer service on 9710-0333
  • I understand that failure to cancel will result in the booking being considered as used (deducting a booking from the maximum two Kerbside Clean Ups per year)
  • I understand that prior to booking my Kerbside Clean Up, if I have chemicals or E-waste for recycling, I will review Chemical Clean-Out Drop Off and E-waste Drop Off event dates on Councils website
  • I will consider if my unwanted items could be recycled or donated or rehomed prior to placing them out for kerbside clean up
  • I understand that the Kerbside Clean Up is a popular service and during busy periods I will consider booking my clean up in advance

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What can and can't be collected in your pre-booked Council clean-up?