Residents who live in a house or small complex (a unit, duplex, villa or townhouse complex with six dwellings or fewer) are entitled to two pre-booked Council clean-ups each financial year.

Please place materials out the day before your collection date. Leaving material out earlier may mean your clean-up is treated as illegal dumping. You should consider this when choosing your collection date.

Tell us, what's in your clean-up?

To assist us with bookings, we ask that you estimate what materials will be in your clean-up and how much you'll need us to collect.

  • Household waste - up to three cubic metres per clean-up
  • Green waste - bundled and tied. Branches must be no longer than 1.5m and no thicker than a broomstick
  • Mattresses - limit of two, either two mattresses or one mattress and one base. Allow up to five days for collection as mattresses may be collected by a different truck
  • Metal and white goods - dismantle items longer than 1.5m

Changes or cancellations must be submitted at least 7 days before your booked collection date. Any request to increase the estimated volume will be subject to availability and truck capacity.

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What can and can't be collected in your pre-booked Council clean-up?