How Low Can You Go?
Our target: zero recycling in the red lid garbage bin

The amount of recycling materials put in Sutherland Shire red bins each year is equivalent to the weight of 850 elephants. That’s a whole lot of elephants!

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products.

Step up your recycling game by taking some action

About 10% of waste in the red bin could be recycled. Remember, in the red lid garbage bin:

  • No paper and cardboard
  • No recyclable food containers

Learn about what goes in your red lid garbage bin. 

Do your part and keep your recycling clean, in the the yellow lid recycling bin:

  • No plastic bags
  • No takeaway coffee cups
  • No soft and scrunchable plastics
  • No textiles

A yellow lid recycling bin that has been contaminated, that is non-recyclables in the bin, wastes precious resources and sees the whole contents of bin go to landfill. Learn what goes in your yellow lid recycling bin.

To find out more how to recycle common materials responsibly, visit our recycling and disposal directory.


Take the challenge and reduce your waste