Council collects red (garbage), yellow (recycling) and green bins (garden waste). The contents of each are processed at different locations.

General Waste and Green Waste

Red and green bin material goes to Cleanaway Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park.

Red bin material goes to landfill. This should be the last resort for your waste.

Please reduce, reuse, donate and recycle as much as possible.

Garden materials from your green bin are processed into compost. This valuable material is reused.

Your pre-booked Council clean-up material is also taken to Cleanaway Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park.

To avoid sending items to landfill unnecessarily, prior to booking a clean up we encourage everyone to donate, reuse and repair items.


Material from your yellow bin goes to the Visy Recycling Materials Recovery Facility in Taren Point, where it is sorted into separate streams and sent to manufacturers to be reused in other products.

Mattress recycling

Mattresses disposed of in pre-booked Council clean-ups are collected by mattress recycling contractors. Many components are recycled, and this prevents mattresses from ending up in landfill.

If you’ve used both of your allocated pre-booked Council clean-ups but have a mattress for collection, contact a Mattress recycling company.

Fees apply.


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