Council is responsible for the construction and maintenance of local roads in Sutherland Shire.

Larger arterial roads (like The Kingsway and Princes Highway) are managed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW). For state-owned roads, TfNSW maintains the asphalt, kerb and drainage, while Council looks after the nature strip and footpaths.

Before making a report, please check if the road or footpath is the responsibility of Council or TfNSW. (See below for a list of TfNSW-maintained roads in Sutherland Shire.)

Council does not own all assets on the road reserve. Some roads (and utilities along the road reserve, such as water, gas and electricity) are managed by other agencies. Before reporting damage, you should check whether Council owns the road or the asset concerned.

If the road or footpath asset belongs to Council, you can report the following issues or concerns:

  • potholes
  • a need for signage
  • oil spills
  • safety hazards
  • Council car park issues
  • kerb and guttering issues
  • blocked or damaged drains
  • traffic concerns
  • dangerous conditions concerning intersections, pedestrian crossings etc.

Report road and footpath damage