99R Acacia Road, Sutherland


  • Bubbler
  • Exercise equipment
  • No dogs
  • Playground
  • Scooter / bike path
  • Shade

This playground is geared towards the 2-8 age group and includes an inclusive basket swing, balancing logs, and a small combination unit which features a fort, slide and climbing structure.

The park surrounds also include fitness equipment, seating, water bubbler, a bike/scooter path, and a conservation area for remnant endangered Sydney Turpentine Iron Bark Forest, which is being rehabilitated with a Vegetation Management Plan.

This playground was the result of a successful partnership between Council and BUPA - involving a land exchange with the playground completed in late 2019.

Playground in Acacia Rd
Playground in Acacia Rd
Playground in Acacia Rd