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Why Family Day Care

Are you seeking a smaller childcare service where your child will receive lots of one-on-one attention and a customised play-based learning program from a qualified and experienced early childhood Educator?

With only four children in care in the Educator's own home, Family Day Care is nurturing, small, safe and fun. It mirrors the warmth of a family home and the children develop strong connections with their Educator and other children in care.

If you're understandably anxious about placing your child into care for the first time, take a closer look at the many benefits of Family Day Care. There is no other Government-approved form of childcare which provides the same level of attention and customisation for children.

At drop off and pick up time, parents are greeted by the same familiar face who knows them and their child very well. Children thrive in this warm, secure and consistent environment.

Parents also receive considerable information about their child's day - the activities they engaged in, their learning areas of focus and how their child is building their strengths. Our Educators collaborate closely with parents on their child's program.

More than 200 children enjoy the benefits of our Family Day Care service, operating for over 40 years. We only take on the best Educators who meet our stringent quality and compliance standards. Many have been with us for a long time and we know them well. They're warm and caring individuals who are devoted to their profession.

Children's Health & Wellbeing

In the evolving COVID-19 climate we understand parents' concerns regarding children's health. The safety of everyone associated with our services continues to be our highest priority.

Our COVID-19 safety guidelines and procedures for our Family Day Care services is protecting the health of the children, family members attending the services and our Educators. We are also in regular communication with every Educator regarding health and safety practices in the evolving climate.

The smaller group size in Family Day Care may be of additional appeal to families, where there is less potential exposure to childhood illnesses.

Family Feedback

We check in with families in our service on a regular basis. Here is a sample of the feedback they share with us:

"Our Educator is exceptional and she gives her whole heart to the children in her care. What is amazing is the way she tailors learning experiences based on things they are passionate about. She uses these authentic interests to build into developmental areas. For example my son has recently been asking me a lot about the moon. I mentioned this in passing to our Educator and then over the next few days I was thrilled to hear my son explaining how he had learned about the different phases of the moon, he had drawn and cut out the shapes. They had been doing imagination and play time pretending to go to the moon and he had been learning about all the different planets. To me it shows how much she listens and values my children's perspectives on things and is interested in going on a journey of exploration with them. Our Educator also works incredibly hard, being so flexible in my shift-working hours, always so willing to adjust based on what is going on in our family life.”

"Our only regret is we did not discover our daughter's Family Day Care Educator sooner. She genuinely loves the children she cares for and takes great effort to teach them so many things."

"The Educator always goes above and beyond for my child. She has a beautiful nature with the children and is so kind and caring. I fully trust her with my son. She organises amazing educational and fun activities for the children."

In the News

Parents searching for the right care for their child will often take to local online forums to seek advice, insight and a heads up on vacancies from other mums and dads.  So we reached out to Mums of the Shire – an online community of more than 7,000 mums – to share information about Family Day Care and let their members know about this niche and personalised form of care. Here is the article published in full on the Mums of the Shire website.

Our Family Day Care Philosophy

Read about our Family Day Care philosophy and principles that guide our program.

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