A New Era for the Sutherland Entertainment Centre


We’re about to enter a new era for the Sutherland Entertainment Centre. We completed a public consultation on initial design concepts from 20 March to 3 April 2019, thank you to everyone who provided feedback. 

We are now delighted to announce that architects CHROFI & NBRSARCHITECTURE have been engaged to work with Council to design and refurbish the Sutherland Entertainment Centre.

Three concepts were shortlisted and the decision to appoint the collaboration of CHROFI & NBRSARCHITECTURE was made after a period of community consultation that included an online survey, an exhibition of concepts, advertising and social media engagement that attracted over 400 submissions.

Read the full press release Sutherland Entertainment Centre Architect Announced click here.


Click the link to view the architect drawings

View Concept A - (Architect: COX)

View Concept B - (Architect: FJMT)

View Concept C - (Architect: NBRS & CHROFI)

300x300 FJMT
300x300 NBRS

Please note:

We are committed to working closely with user groups, patrons and the Arts and Culture industry experts and architects as we transform this location in the heart of our community into a vibrant space for the performing arts.  Sutherland Entertainment Centre programs and activities will have to be relocated temporarily from mid 2020, to allow construction to take place. The forecourt and Peace Park will remain operational throughout construction. We thank the community for their patience during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we aim to continue our regular programs at either the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts or the Engadine Community Centre Theatre during the period the Sutherland Entertainment Centre is closed.

When the works start at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre, traffic, parking and pedestrian access around the area may be affected and we will minimise this, keeping safety as paramount. A pedestrian and traffic management plan will be communicated and in place to manage this.

Pedestrian access around the project site may change at times to accommodate work areas but clear signage will be in place to direct pedestrians.

The Farmers Market will continue as normal throughout the construction works.

The exhibited architectural designs are part of a formal tender process to appoint an Architect and team of design specialists to the project.

An Evaluation Panel formed by Council officers will evaluate each submitted tender as a whole. All tenders will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  1. the design quality of the architectural design proposal (this will be informed by the findings of the independent Design Review Panel)
  2. the community response to the architectural design proposals (this will be informed by the results of the community consultation), and;
  3. the value of the services and fees proposal. Value does not simply refer to the lowest cost. It is the product of several considerations, including those relating to the capability of the architect and design team their expertise and experience.

The Evaluation Panel will recommend a preferred tender to Council and will report to Council on the results of the community consultation, the cost and design reviews, together with its deliberations and the reasons for its decision.

Council will determine the appointment of the architect and design team following the above process.

The architect and their team will be appointed and Council will be in a position to take the next major step in the project process, which is to prepare a detailed design. Development of the design is then followed by the statutory planning and construction approval process (this is independent of Council), which then allows for construction to commence.

The project will improve the theatre space so that it can accommodate different types of theatrical performance including drama, song, music and dance and be used by a wide range of groups including schools. The improved facilities will enhance the experience of performers and audiences alike.

The project will include improvements to:

  • upgrade of technical equipment
  • theatre staging, sound and lighting
  • performers and production crews functionality to the back-of-house facilities
  • new theatre seating and sight lines to stage for audiences
  • front-of-house services.

No. $5.6 million is from developer levy contributions for public amenities and $15.8 million is from waste operator levy contributions.

Council has set aside $21.8 million to plan, design and renovate the Sutherland Entertainment Centre.

It is expected that the renovation will commence in approximately September 2020 and be ready for reopening in late 2022. As with all projects there may be things that are outside of our control that affect the finish date (for example the time needed for the planning approval or delays caused by bad weather).

Yes, the renovation is extensive and the safest and quickest way to complete it is by closing the Centre. Our planning requires the Sutherland Entertainment Centre to close between September 2020 and late 2022.

Council has several other facilities that may be suitable as temporary options including the Engadine Community Centre Theatre and the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts. We are currently upgrading the School of Arts and will be ready as an alternate venue while the Sutherland Entertainment Centre is closed for renovation.

We aim to work with you to identify alternative venues able to temporarily meet your needs. We’d encourage you to contact us, if you haven’t yet heard from us.

Council will oversee the entire project and has appointed a specialist project manager to manage the entire project from design to completion.

All contractors will be engaged via public expression of interest and tender processes in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW), Local Government Regulations and Sutherland Shire Council Procurement Policy.

The design will be provided by an external architect and team of specialist consultants, while the renovation works will be carried out by an experienced contractor.

No as each business should have its own supply. Power to the Sutherland Entertainment Centre will be disconnected during the renovation.

We have a family of fantastic theatre facilities across Sutherland Shire. Along with the Sutherland Entertainment Centre renovation, we are investing over $2.0 million to bring our historic 1920’s Sutherland Memorial School of Arts (the SOA) in East Parade back to its former glory. Closure of the SOA for works is planned from the end of 2019 to mid 2020. When closed, our performances will be at the Entertainment Centre (which will still be operating at this point) or Engadine Community Centre Theatre.

Community engagement is a critical part of the Sutherland Entertainment Centre Renovation Project and we are committed to keeping you informed about the project’s progress. To find out more about the project or to speak to a member of the project team, you can:

Call: 9710 0333 during normal business hours

Email: ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au

Contact your Ward Councillor

The renovation will include:

  • A 700 seat theatre with enhanced theatre experience.
  • A new flexible teaching and rehearsal space.
  • A larger and more attractive foyer with enhanced customer services and accessibility, including lift access and improved public toilets.
  • A refreshed entry forecourt incorporating a flexible outdoor event space.
  • New food and beverage services including a café with seating for 75 with space for expansion.
  • Improved performer/hirer functionality in back-of-house, stage and wings.
  • New, energy efficient and sustainable heating, cooling and lighting systems.
  • Repairs required to the current building including the roof.

We are working closely with current users groups and industry experts in the initial planning stages of the project to ensure we are creating a unique and vibrant cultural space that meets the needs of our local community.

Yes, we are wanting your feedback as part of the public exhibition of the architectural designs.

Community feedback can be provided until 5pm, Wednesday 3rd April.

In writing

You can make a submission in writing, and address it to:

The General Manager

Sutherland Shire Council,

Locked Bag 17,
Sutherland NSW 1499

Community Drop-in session

Attend a session:

Join us at one of our drop-in sessions


Visit Sutherland Entertainment Centre

Photographic and video exhibitions will be on display during the two weeks of public exhibition, which aims to provide all stakeholders with an opportunity to view the architectural designs and select their preferred option.

We also welcome questions and feedback at any stage of the project, and up-to-date project information will be provided on the project webpage.

In addition to the community providing feedback, the architectural designs will be reviewed by independent industry experts appointed by the Council. There will be two (2) reviews: a review of design quality; and a cost review.

A Design Review Panel will review the design quality of the architectural designs. This panel is to be chaired by a representative of the Government Architect NSW and includes experts in major project delivery and theatre design.

An independent quantity surveyor will conduct the cost review. They will provide expert advice to the Design Review Panel and to Council on the estimated construction cost of each architectural design.

Public exhibition of the architectural designs will be happening from 20th March till 3rd April at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre, throughout opening business hours.

Address: 30 Eton Street, Sutherland NSW 2232.

The Sutherland Entertainment Centre, is 40 years old. The structure itself is very sound but the building needs some major repairs and upgrades to meet the current Building Code of Australia as well as meet the latest Australian Standards for access and mobility. We want the Sutherland Entertainment Centre to be visitor and performer friendly

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