Waste Wise Workshops

Council offers residents of the Shire a number of free Waste Wise Living workshops to help with environmentally friendly practices in the home.  

Workshops are only available to Shire residents.  Due to the popularity of these workshops, bookings will only be accepted three weeks prior to the workshop date.  Don’t worry if you miss out, as workshops are held every few months. 

Workshops are not suitable for children under the age of 10 years.

Composting and Worm Farming

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This hands on, fun workshop gives you the opportunity to learn how easy it can be to reuse your food scraps creating nutrient rich fertiliser to improve soil conditions and decrease the amount you send to landfill.

Participants also receive a free Compost Bin or Worm Farm at the end of the workshop (limit of 1 per household).

Productive Organic Gardening


This fun, informative and hands-on practical workshop teaches you how to create a healthy and abundant ecosystem by helping you understand nature and replicating it in your garden at home.  You will also learn how to prepare and plant a delicious edible garden, therefore reducing the waste you bring home from the supermarket.

Upcoming Organic Gardening Workshops

There are no events scheduled

Chook Keeping


Keeping chickens is a terrific way to create a sustainable future.  Chickens are the ultimate recyclers, aiding in composting, reducing waste and they control pests. Chickens also produce fresh, free range eggs, helping you save money on grocery bills.

Upcoming Chook Keeping Workshops

Balcony & Small Space Productive Gardening


Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetables but don’t think you have enough space? Learn how to grow vegetables in pots and reduce the waste you bring home from the supermarket.

Upcoming Balcony & Small Space Gardening Workshops

There are no events scheduled

Food Waste Avoidance

Do you want to learn how to plan your meals, reduce your food waste, improve your family’s health and save the environment?

Upcoming Food Waste Avoidance Workshops

There are no events scheduled

Chemical Free Living

Do you want to learn how to detox your life from chemicals? Do you wish to know how to have a greener and more sustainable life? In this workshop you will learn everything to do with living chemical free.

Upcoming Chemical Free Living Workshops

There are no events scheduled

Watch You Waste Workshop


Join us to learn more about what happens when your waste is picked up from your kerbside.

Upcoming Watch Your Waste Workshops

There are no events scheduled



Have you mastered composting and want to push on further and learn more?  Come along to this interactive workshop and learn to make your own accelerator that ferments organic matter.  This also can be used in an airtight kitchen top container to break down your organic matter - perfect for unit dwellers.

Upcoming Bokashi Workshops

Recycle and Repurpose for Garden and Home

Do you want to learn how to repurpose what you already have in the house and garden by creating something new with that? In this workshop you will learn how to make something useful for the house and garden from old materials and items instead of buying new stuff.  

Upcoming Recycle and Repurpose for Garden and Home Workshops

Living with Less, De-Cluttering


This workshop will teach how to declutter and simplify your life. This will save you time, money and space by reducing your carbon footprint. Participants will learn how to declutter, get organised, manage their time and sustainable remove their oversupply.

Upcoming Living With Less Workshops

Sustainable Housing

Come and learn all aspects of a Sustainable Home and how to make your current living more sustainable, by making some simply changes. Learn about conserving water, and power, how to best utilise your backyard for growing food. The goal of this workshop is to learn how making simply changes can reduce your carbon footprint and make you save money. You will also learn about the sustainable options for those who are building or thinking of renovating their home.

Upcoming Sustainable Housing Workshops

Recycled Fashion Tour

Come along on this fun day out where you will be guided on a tour through the local op shops learning how to shop a variety of clothes you can wear throughout the seasons, bags, bargains, books and furniture. Learn how to identify labels, what is a good buy vs a great buy and how to make your dollar spread even further, whilst doing your part to minimising the amount of clothes that end up in landfill.

Upcoming Recycling Tours Workshops

Winter Gardening

In this workshop on winter gardening you will get ready for spring while learning how to still producing during the cold season. During this workshop, the followings aspects of winter gardening will be covered: Soil (Includes composting and worm farming), winter plant selection, individual planting guide, harvesting and maintenance.

Upcoming Winter Gardening Workshops


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