Street Tree Planting - Our Green Streets Program


Street Tree Planting

New trees are planted in our streets and parks each year as part of our Green Streets Program, which helps support our community to continue to haveactive lives connected to nature.

As our community continues to grow and with increasing development it is often difficult to retain existing trees or maintain the same amount of canopy cover on private property. The cumulative impact of canopy loss around Sutherland Shire will be significant if not compensated for by planting in public spaces

Our Green Streets program also aims to improve biodiversity, create a sense of place in neighbourhoods, replace trees removed illegally, replace trees reaching the end of their life cycle, and aims to enhance broader benefits associated with trees such as improved health and wellbeing, improved air quality and reduced temperatures in urban areas.

The Green Streets program has planted nearly 10,000 trees since 2013 in road reserves and other places on public land.

The program has enjoyed very broad support and enthusiasm from the community.  Officers work with local residents when planting out their streets to optimise locations and species. This program took out the ‘Excellence in the Environment Award’ at the prestigious Local Government Awards. The award was for innovation in Planning, Policies and Decision Making through our model for bringing back our indigenous tree canopy. It also won the Keep NSW Beautiful Award for Environment and Biodiversity in 2015.

Planting occurs in the cooler months of the year to ensure the trees are well established and do not suffer from heat stress. A maintenance period is scheduled to water, prune and remove the planting cages when the trees have established.

Our wider tree canopy needs to be amix of species and ages to ensure that trees at all stages of their lifecycle can provide benefits to the community, and to improve resilience from climate change, insects and disease. We plant local tree species that are suited to the surrounds. Using quality stock from our Community Nursery in Gymea and by following improved installation and maintenance procedures, we aim to see the Green Streets Program trees establish well and grow into healthy mature specimens.

Our street tree master plan is by soil type across the Sutherland Shire. By using the geological mapping of the Shire, trees are selected based on the plant communities that grow in each soil type to ensure we match suitable trees to each site.

We will continue to plant street and park trees to ensure the various benefits trees provide can continue to be enjoyed by present and future generations. Due to tree management regulations, street trees should only be planted by Council, unless as a condition of development approval.

If you would like your street to be planted or you know an area that would benefit from tree planting, you can lodge a request including background details and location , so that it can be assessed for future planting opportunity.

What can you do?

You can make a difference to the tree canopy of Sutherland Shire by thinking about the following:

Street Trees

  • Help your street tree grow well by watering it frequently in hot weather and occasionally in winter while it is young using a 9 litre watering can.

Trees on Private Property

  • Use the Native plant selectorand search your address using the dropdown for what grows naturally at your place.
  • Check the stock availability listto see what plants Council has currently in stock.
  • Plant your trees in a suitable location in your garden with the right amount of space to grow.
  • Mulch around the base of the tree to keep the soil moist, reduce weeds and add nutrients.
  • Protect trees from wounds by keeping brush cutters and mowers away from their base.


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