Cronulla Community Pledges for Plastic Free July

Published On 23 June 2017 at 12:00 PM

This July Sutherland Shire Council will join forces with the Cronulla District Chamber of Commerce, Cronulla Surf Riders and the office of Mark Speakman MP, to bring the community ‘Plastic Free July’, an initiative aimed at reducing the Cronulla area’s dependence on single use plastics, and in the long term eliminate their use entirely.

“Educating the community on the devastating impact of single use plastics is at the forefront of this campaign,” said Sutherland Shire Mayor Carmelo Pesce, “And Sutherland Shire Council is proud to be behind it,” he said.

“In many instances the plastics we consider recyclable are in fact ‘downcycled’, a process which sees them reprocessed once more into a lower grade plastic which is then destined for landfill,” said the Mayor. 

“This movement of abandoning plastics for more environmentally sound alternatives is gathering momentum, and ‘Plastic Free July’ is riding a wave of public awareness being generated by programs such as the ABC’s ‘War On Waste’, part of which was filmed right here in Sutherland Shire,” said Mayor Pesce.

Members of the community who would like to get involved in driving this change can visit the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce website and complete the ‘Plastic Free July’ survey which addresses the big issue of plastic bags. The survey results will be presented to local businesses within the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce in the hope of changing attitudes and practices towards plastic bags and single use plastics in general.

Mark Aprilovic, President of the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce is leading the campaign to remove single use plastics from the Cronulla community, starting with the common plastic bag, used in most shops.

“Plastic bags represent one of the largest and most widely used groups of single use plastics in our society, their impact is terrible and there are numerous alternatives available to businesses right now,” said Mr. Aprilovic

Local businesses can also participate in their own survey available through the Cronulla Chamber of Commerce website, designed to evaluate what environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bags they can offer customers while identifying what changes can be made to provide or encourage these environmentally friendly alternatives.

“By taking this one step at a time and starting with an easily replaceable product like plastic bags, we can start to turn the Cronulla area into a plastic free community and encourage our other local areas to follow suit in the future,” said Mayor Pesce.

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