How to successfully lodge your Development Application

DAs must be lodged online through the NSW Planning Portal.

Prior to lodgement you will need to ensure that your application is assessment ready. You will need to:

The application is considered to be lodged once it has been checked and the above conditions have been met.

You will be able to review your application on the DA Tracker.

Pay your application fees

Integrated Development approvals

An Integrated Development requires approval from one or more state government agencies (the relevant approval body) before consent can be granted by Council.

A list of potential required approvals can be found in Part 4, Section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.

Once it is ascertained which approval is required, the DA will be referred to the relevant body. A fee may be payable.

The relevant body will provide a response, including General Terms of Approval, which will be incorporated into the development consent. If the body does not grant approval, the DA will be refused.

The Integrated Development pathway is designed to provide certainty to developers.

ePlanning Service

For enquiries regarding the lodgement of an application, call 02 9710 0040 or email Council’s ePlanning Team.

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