Before you begin any building or construction work that requires a Development Application (DA), you will need to draft plans.

These should be completed by a professional draftsperson or architect.

What plans and drawings do I need to provide?

The following is a general guide to the types of plans you may need to prepare:

  • Scaled site plans, floor plans and elevations - generally required for all applications.
  • Survey plan - required for new buildings, major alterations and first-floor additions to existing buildings (particularly on steeply sloping sites), swimming pools over 500mm above the ground, earthworks, landscaping and subdivisions.
  • Landscape plan - required for all new single dwellings, multi-unit housing, commercial and industrial development.
  • Drainage plan - required for all new buildings as well as alterations and additions that involve changes to stormwater drainage.
  • Site Analysis plan - required for all applications that involve external building work, except minor additions and outbuildings.
  • A4-sized site plan and elevations - required for all applications for the purpose of neighbour notifications.
  • Construction Management Details - required for all development involving construction or other work.
  • Subdivision plan - required for all applications involving subdivision.
  • Shadow diagrams - required for all new buildings and additions two or more storeys in height.
  • Operational Waste Management plan - PDF - 969 KB - required for major development involving multi-dwellings or residential flat buildings.