Approval is required to carry out works on land that is owned or managed by Sutherland Shire Council.  These public domain works include works carried out on streets, parks, roads, drainage, footpaths, landscaping and other public spaces.  Public domain works can also relate to works on private property that have an affect on the public domain.

All designs remain subject to council approval on a project by project basis.  Detailed information about making a submission to Council for works in the public domain is provided in the Public Domain Design Manual (PDDM).

Public Domain Design Manual (PDDM)

The PDDM is a comprehensive reference document for the design of the Shire's public domain - its streets, public spaces, parks and community buildings.

Download the Public Domain Design Manual - PDF - 24736 KB

    The PDDM is primarily for use by Council and consultants, and has five main parts:

  • Part A - User Guide Introduces the PDDM and explains how to use it.
  • Part B - Design Principles
    Design principles or all categories of development within the Shire's public domain.
  • Part C - Streets Design Guide 
    Design guidelines for the Shire's streets
  • Part D - Parks Design Guide - Under Development
  • Part E - Buildings Design Guide - Design guidelines for public toilet facilities

Public Domain Technical Manual (PDTM)

The PDTM is a companion document to the PDDM and provides drawings, technical details and specifications for the design and construction of the Shire’s public domain.

It is primarily for use by council and consultants and provides:

  • best practice standards and details for public domain design and construction
  • council’s standard details and specification for public domain works
  • council’s locality-specific detail drawings for public domain works
  • checklists and quality control (coming soon)

The PDTM is comprised of four parts:

Master Index - PDF - 398 KB

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