Planning Certificates

Planning Certificates provide information regarding the development potential of a parcel of land.

This information includes the plans, zones, complying development codes and other relevant matters.

Planning Certificates are typically required for the sale or redevelopment of a property.

Types of Planning Certificates

There are two types of Planning Certificates. Both are delivered by email.

  1. A Section 10.7(2) certificate identifies the following:
    • Zoning
    • Heritage
    • Flooding
    • Bushfire
    • Contamination
    • Other planning considerations
  2. A Section 10.7(2) and 10.7(5) certificate provides the above, plus other information Council has chosen to add. This may include notices regarding:
  • Pool safety
  • Heritage and archaeology
  • Drainage
  • Information on land below the Mean High-Water Mark (MHWM)
  • Unpaid development fees
  • Land contamination
  • Any other matters.

Once purchased, a 10.7(2) planning certificate cannot be upgraded to a 10.7(2) and 10.7(5) certificate. Please choose carefully.

A Planning Certificate can only apply to a single lot or parcel of land.

Planning Certificates cannot be issued for Crown land which has been leased or licensed for private use.

How do I obtain and pay for a planning certificate?

Apply for  Section 10.7(2) certificate

Apply for Section  10.7(2) and 10.7(5) certificate

Certificate fees and charges